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    Birthday Clusters

    2013 - 01.08

    Dave’s family has two pretty significant birthday clusters: late September to early October (which I happen to fall into) and late December to early January (which Dave already is in and The Passenger will be in). There’s also a smaller one in May that’s starting to build with all of the in-laws.

    The thing that I find funny is that with all of the birthdays in December/January, The Passenger has managed to avoid landing on any of them, as s/he is still hanging out comfortably in Chez Karin. The due date I originally calculated was January 7 (Dave’s mom’s birthday), which changed to the 10th (nobody as far as I know) to the 3rd (Dave’s birthday, and one day off from both of our grandmothers) then back to the 10th after the midwives looked at a bunch of factors including two early ultrasounds. If I’m right, and I believe I am, Dave’s mom has the latest birthday in the cluster, so by making it past there, we’ve streeeeeeetched out the birthday cluster by at least two more days. :)