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    Pedometer Check

    2011 - 09.20

    Last time that I uploaded my pedometer data to the tracking program I was disappointed to see that my average daily steps had fallen from 4,509 to 4,371.  This bothered me, and I’ve been working on reversing the trend.  Today after the upload my daily average steps for the year are now up to 4,521 (3.39km).  I’m pretty pleased with that.  Keep in mind that’s the average of everyday over all of 2011 so far, and includes all those lazy weekends when you don’t leave the house or the couch.

    The big change that has made this happen is the reintroduction of Disc Golf into my weekly activity calendar.  I like Disc Golf, and enjoy it.  Fundamentally it gives you a reason to walk around (potentially a lot).

    For the record my actual long term daily target is 4,200 steps/day, so I’m happy to still be above that and to still be able to increase it.  I know that they recommend that you do 10,000 steps/day but with these more accurate pedometers it’s difficult to do.  So I picked a goal that seemed achievable but not necessarily easy.  If I keep the golfing up, I might make it to 5,000 steps/day, we’ll see.

    Earthquake?! Really?

    2011 - 09.09

    I guess I was out today during the earthquake and really could have gone all day without noticing it, almost.  I was out getting field permits and other errands and returned home to do some other things only to find that the elevator didn’t seem to be working.  I went to the lobby, and found that they stopped working after the earthquake.

    To this I replied: “There was an earthquake?!” while the inner monologue supplied a properly inflected: “Whaaaaaaaaa?”

    Don’t know if they’re back up yet or not, but I really hadn’t planned to do the 15 flight climb today in this heat.  Having serious difficulty cooling down after that.

    Rocky Point – Port Moody

    2011 - 07.29
    Seagull on a lamp 01Seagull on a lamp 02Seagull on a lamp 03Bird at Bird HousesBird at Bird HousesBird at Bird Houses
    Bird at Bird HousesBird at Bird HousesBird at Bird HousesBird at Bird HousesPigeons on the railingPigeons on the railing
    Pigeons on the railingPigeons on the railingPigeons on the railingPigeons on the railingPigeons on the railingPigeons on the railing

    Rocky Point – Port Moody, a set on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    Taken the afternoon of 27 July 2011 at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody, B.C.

    So after far too many days of not feeling well Karin seemed to be largely over whatever was causing the increase in Ménière’s symptoms, and in truth was going a little stir crazy at home.  Needing to get out of the house is one thing, but figuring out what to do was entirely another.  Karin seemed to settle on the idea of going to a park and doing a bit of photography.  We considered and eliminated: the seawall, colony farm and Fraser foreshore park.  The first we eliminated because we’d be too far away from our car or what have you if Karin started to not feel well again, or just ran out of energy.  The other two we were unfamiliar with, and it looked as though the getting to far away would likewise be a problem for colony farm.  So although Karin has been to Rocky Point countless times, I had hardly been there at all, and so we decided it was a good fit.

    These are some of the photos that I took while we were walking around, hopefully Karin will post some of her own as well.  I think we also may need to look at acquiring a longer lens than our current longest (75-300mm) as there were some additional opportunities out there which we were unable to take advantage of.  We believe that we saw an eagle on one of the pilings, but even at maximum zoom the bird is too small to definitively identify, and definitely not of high enough quality to be worth posting.

    Incidentally, those birds at the bird houses, I have no idea what they are, so if you know… (ed. the birds have been identified as Purple Martins, this was my dad’s first guess, which was subsequently backed up by a bird book, and then details on the Rocky Point website.  You should be impressed, as the identification was before looking it up anywhere, which just served to confirm it.) 

    10,000 Step Challenge

    2011 - 04.13

    A few interesting things have been going on over here, and out of them, I’ve decided that this week I’m going to actually do the 10,000 steps a day thing.  Back in the good old days it didn’t seem like it was that difficult to do, but with these new fancier and smarter pedometers it’s much harder to actually get to that total.  We’ll see if I can keep it up for the whole week (with a possible pass for Friday, as we have other plans).  I started on Monday, and Karin decided to join on Tuesday!  I’ll let her post separately about how well she’s doing.

    Monday: 10,021 steps (4,993 aerobic ones over 44 mins), 460 cals and 7.51kms

    Tuesday: 8,632 steps (6,890 aerobic ones over 59 mins), 371 cals and 6.47 kms

    Wednesday: 13, 325 (7,597 aerobic ones over 71 mins), 596 cals and 9.99 kms (as of this writing anyway)

    I decided that since I didn’t meet my target on Tuesday that my punishment was to have to exceed my goal by twice the shortfall, so I needed to hit 12,736 to make up for Tuesday’s shortfall, and I’m pleased that I was able to do that.  I don’t know if I’ll keep doing this indefinitely but at the moment I’m enjoying the sense of satisfaction from the accomplishments!

    In order to hit the Monday goal, I did shopping at Costco, went to the gym and did almost 2,000 steps worth of pacing in the condo.  Tuesday, went for a good walk to the liquor store at Broadway and Lillouette, and carried Karin’s purchases back in a backpack, so it was probably a better workout, but fewer total steps.   I also played some Wii Fit Plus, but didn’t manage to register enough “steps” before midnight.  Today, I walked to my bank (essentially Brentwood) and did some shopping at Winner’s and Save-on, then walked home (with a whole bunch of cake mix which was on sale and creme de tartar for making buttercream icing).  That got me to about 6,000, and then some condo cleaning, vacuuming other general activities and a quick shopping trip to Brentwood  got me to the 8,500 level.  The rest is courtesy of 40 minutes in the gym.

    Hope I can keep up with it tomorrow, and hey if anyone else feels like jumping on the bandwagon for the rest of the week that’s cool.  Taunting messages (“tweets”) with your current step count are encouraged (but of course it’s not a competition ;-)

    Taking the Stairs

    2011 - 02.11

    We live on the 16th floor, which means that we don’t usually take the stairs.  The first reason is pretty obvious, we live on the 16th floor, the second is that stairwells in high rise buildings really aren’t designed for everyday use, which really is too bad.  That said I have been enjoying the extra 200+ steps that I’ve been getting lately by taking the stairs down.  I don’t do it all the time, but if I’m not in a hurry, or if I’m not carrying too much stuff, well it’s one of those little things that helps, right?

    21,152 Steps

    2011 - 02.09

    Pretty much everyone in the family has pedometers these days, and mostly we have an Omron from Costco.  Because of the Disc Golf tournament this Saturday I was able to rack up a new record of 21,152 steps.  It’s a personal record at least, not sure if anyone else can top it.  Supposedly that means that I burned: 991 kcal, 54.6g fat and walked 15.86km.

    Karin previously had the record with 17,000 steps from the summer when we went to the PNE, there’s a bit of a funny story attached to that total, but I’ll let her tell it.

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