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    New Printer

    2012 - 05.15

    A few weeks back we bought a new printer a Brother MFC-J6910DW so far we’re very happy with it.  Setup was very straightforward and we had it working on our network from both computers in under an hour (which is essentially how long it took for us to unpack it and install the relevant software on the computers).  Some of the things which we like about it:

    • wireless connectivity to all computers
    • wireless scanning directly to a computer or flash drive
    • 35 page auto document feeder
    • 2 paper trays
    • 11×17 (Ledger) printing and scanning
    • duplex printing
    • duplex scanning (doesn’t do Ledger duplex, only goes up to legal)

    Because of the convenience of the connectivity of the new printer we’ve managed to digitize a bunch of stuff which was too large or inconvenient to scan previously, and we’ve managed to get rid of some paper.

    So if anyone needs to make use of our giant scanner/printer let us know.


    Oh, another interesting feature (required a firmware update to the printer) is that Karin can print directly from her iPhone wirelessly.

    One Week Warning!

    2011 - 10.03

    This is your One Week Warning for Karin’s birthday.  Which gives you a whole week to pick out or make the perfect card.

    A while back Karin picked out her birthday present to herself the Surrey International Writers’ Conference (SiWC), that said she’d be happy to let you contribute to that gift if you like.  She’s happy to accept cash, cheque and paypal ;-)  Seriously though, she decided that the ~$600 for the conference was a good investment, and she keeps getting more and more excited about it as it gets closer.  The stumbling block in deciding to go was the cost though.  I think she made the right decision, and really can’t wait to hear all about how awesome it was.

    If you’re looking for something else to get her there are undoubtedly countless appropriate things, some of which might even be in the following list:

    • something for the Geckos
    • something writer themed
    • a master class at the SiWC
    • a dress watch
    • something warm and fuzzy, or at least warm
    • ikea gift cards either for the expedit desk or for ribba frames
    • costco cash cards for prints or canvas prints
    • upgraded iPhone
    • art supplies

    Bob Ross

    2011 - 05.12

    I know I’ve talked about Bob Ross before, but I have to again.  Just ‘cuz. (And because I’m going through the 20 recorded Joy of Painting episodes we’ve got…I hadn’t realized they were in HD.  Whoops.)

    I’m sure there’s already a Bob Ross drinking game, which I’ll search out for after I do my own.  Please add more thoughts in the comments!

    Take a drink every time Bob says:

    “A happy little *noun*.” (favourites are tree, cloud, painting)
    “Give him a friend.” (ie: putting a second tree in there)
    White like “hhooo-ite” (small sips, or you’ll be hammered by the end of the first five minutes)
    “This is your world”, “You’re in control”, “You can do whatever you like”
    “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” (My students finish that when I start saying that…hahah)
    “This just lives right over here.”
    “Just make up a little story.”
    “Get a little roll of paint.”
    “It don’t work unless you put in the sound effects.”
    “Do a *noun*ectomy.” when cutting off part of a bit of painting (cabin, tree)
    “Some of my friends.”
    Mentioning Peapod, his baby squirrel.

    Drain your glass at the point where Bob does SOMETHING where you think “Oh man, he’s totally screwed this up…how’s he gonna fix that??”

    I love this guy. Would you believe that he used to be in the army and yelled at people like crazy?

    Bob Ross

    2011 - 02.24

    Karin did a nice painting at her pro-d last week, and well she hasn’t posted anything about it yet.  That said, it has prompted us to start taping The Best of the Joy of Painting, so that she can learn some new techniques.  We’ve started to read up on him a little bit, and it’s kind of interesting, there’s some definite confusion out there, where they talk about how long the TV show was on (12 years) and they talk about how many seasons there were (31), so it falls more under the current scheme used by reality television where multiple “seasons” may happen during any given calendar year, whereas something like Law & Order aired for 20 seasons and 20 years.

    Anyway, who else wants these t-shirt, at least a little bit?

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