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    All Aboard the NaNoWriMo Charter

    2011 - 11.30

    In a strangely similar vein to Santa Claus the NaNoWriMo Charter has just left Vancouver with Karin aboard, it’s a convenient supersonic writing jet which propels you through time zones until you reach your 50,000 words or hit the international date line…

    Hopefully Karin will cross the finish line in enough time for the jet to get her back before morning…  Fingers crossed!

    Inversely Proportional

    2011 - 11.21

    This is actually probably a good thing, but the amount of room remaining on our PVR seems to be inversely proportional to how many projects Karin has on the go… with NaNoWriMo and GISHWHES very little TV is being watched.  Which might mean that we’ll still have something new to watch when we start running into the holiday reruns…

    Did NaNo come early?

    2011 - 10.31

    It feels strangely as though NaNoWriMo came early this year.  Karin and I went out to the library shortly after she got home, grabbed some food, and she then proceeded to spend the next 4 hours writing on the couch with her laptop.  It’s not even November yet!

    Writing Intensive

    2011 - 03.21

    Today marks the first of 5 days in a row where Karin will be spending time on her spring break taking a course.  However it should hopefully be fun.  It is a Writing Intensive course through Burnaby’s Leisure Guide.

    In previous year’s Karin has done NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, although it’s now international) where during the month of November you challenge yourself to write a 50,000 word novel, and she successfully did it, may have been way back in 2006 though.

    Author has always been on her list of alternate careers, so hopefully this will be a positive step in that direction!

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