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    Month 8 Letter (Aug 15-Sept 15)

    2013 - 10.15

    Dear Nadia,

    I know that this is the year that you change and learn the most, so it shouldn’t surprise me with all the new things that you do each month, but it absolutely blows my mind to see you achieving all of these different things!

    You’re crawling around like crazy now, cruising along furniture after you’ve pulled yourself up and lowering yourself back to the ground after standing. You’re even crawling up a ramp your Dad set up against the couch to get up onto the couch to join us. You love your Jolly Jumper and your Baby Einstein activity centre and will play in them for quite a while.

    You now have 7 teeth, and use them quite well on different kinds of food. You decided early on that you were not a fan of purees, and to be honest I can’t really blame you. Just for fun, your Aunt Jen and I let you taste a whole peach, thinking you would lick the fuzzy peel and then ignore it. You had other ideas!! She was holding both you and the peach, and you grabbed her hand and held the peach to your mouth and started slurping and chewing at it until you ate about a quarter of it. I was pretty excited because this was one of the first times you really seemed to enjoy food other than milk. Other things you ate this month: Rice, oatmeal, cheerios, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, string cheese, blackberries, apricots, plums, yogurt, grapes, butternut squash and mushrooms. You liked all of those things, as long as they weren’t too mushy. Grandma made you some applesauce and you LOVED that. You ate sweet potato puree, but usually only if you were pretty hungry. You were kind of hit and miss with squash. You wouldn’t eat it at all for me unless I spread it on a Cheerio, you would eat it for Oma, but only if there was applesauce disguising it, and you ate an entire bowlful just plain with Aunt Jen. YOU ARE A VERY CONFUSING BABY. You tried the blackberries at Robert Burnaby Park while Dad was running the Ace Race this year and you loved them. I was breaking them up with my fingers so you wouldn’t choke and you kept biting me to try and get the juice off faster. You also are completely enamoured with grapes. We bought some Coronation grapes and I would feed them (cut up) to you by hand while you stood beside my chair. If I wasn’t fast enough, or if I had the nerve to try and eat one myself, you’d yell at me!

    You had some exciting visitors this month! My cousins A, B and Z were in town with my aunt and you got to do so many fun things with them. We all went to the aquarium. You really enjoyed looking at the jellyfish and the colourful fish. You were in the underwater beluga viewing area and thought that was pretty amazing. There was an adorable porpoise who was fascinated with you and vice versa. You weren’t super interested in the stuff above ground, but you liked being worn by your cousins.

    You also went to the PNE for the first time. Uncle Rob, Aunt Munira and Z were there and you were so interested in everything around. There was MUSIC and LIGHTS and PEOPLE and SO MANY THINGS! We went to see the Superdogs show and you were signing “dog” down at them and waving. It was pretty amazing. You wanted to eat all the food that we were eating, but at that time you had only eaten peas and carrots, so no cotton candy, corn dogs or giant fountain pop for you. Sorry! You also didn’t get to play any midway games, or go on rides, but you had a lot of fun watching us do some of that. I’m pretty sure you want to go on all the rides next year. :)

    You, your Oma and I spent some time in my old classroom. I learned that I get to go back to the same school I was at when I was pregnant with you, but in a different class, so we were trying to pack it all up and have it be ready for other people to be in. You charmed everyone and loved to be held by all the different teachers. :)

    You went to watch Dad play Ultimate a few times, which you really like. It’s starting to get chilly though, so we’re making sure you’ve got lots of stuff to bundle you up in.

    Finally, Oma and I bought the fabric for your Halloween costume. It’s going to be super cute and I can’t wait to see you in it, even though that means that you will be an even bigger girl.

    Love you sweet baby,

    Month 7 Letter (July 15-Aug 15)

    2013 - 09.14

    Dear Nadia,

    It’s been a busy time for all of us! You’ve been growing like crazy and we’ve put away almost all of your 3-6 month clothes. There are so many things that you have started doing that I’m not sure I can even list them all, but I’ll do my best.

    You’ve started getting very interested in what people are wearing, especially necklaces and earrings. I took all six of my earrings out because I noticed you had been eyeing them and I didn’t want to get yanked. You’ve also been grabbing at necklaces, and when we’re nursing you will hold and tug on my necklace, or if I’ve forgotten to put one on, you will touch the neckline of my shirt. You will also squeeze shirt fabric to see what the texture is like. This is pretty neat except when someone is wearing short sleeves and you wind up scritch-scratching them. You also like to touch people’s faces, especially mouths and eyes, and get very excited when people nibble or kiss your fingers.

    You’re getting so good at getting onto your hands and knees and rocking back and forth. You haven’t quite gotten to the point where I’m willing to admit that I have a crawler, but you’re OHSOCLOSE.  However, I cannot deny that you are a standing baby! You were kneeling beside the coffee table on August 10 and holding the edge (I cleared everything off it, and while I was congratulating myself on my childproofing, you bonked your head on the edge of it. Siiiiigh…) then you figured out how to get up to kneeling in your playpen on the morning of August 13, and THEN! You stood up in your playpen over at Oma and Grandad’s house. Oma and I got videos and pictures of it, and we were SO PROUD of you. :)

    Sometimes when I’m singing, you’ll start “ah ah ahhhh”-ing along with me, especially if it’s a song I sing to you a lot. :)

    We went to so many places this month! You and I took your Grandma to an impromptu visit to the Burnaby Village Museum. You were fascinated by all the people around, but your favourite display was the “Foley Sound” activity. It was a bunch of everyday items (like coconuts, springs and shredded plastic) that made sounds when you used them (horses, ray guns and walking in leaves). The sound effects were used by people who made radio plays. Oma and I also took you to Rocky Point Park to visit with some teachers Oma used to work with and I had Pajo’s fish and chips. Yum! We also took you for your passport photos, which you were a star for, and got your passport in the mail.

    You went to your first wedding! You wore a green dress for the ceremony, then changed into a purple suit with a bow tie and vest for the reception. You were pretty excited, and got to see so many people, including some of Dad’s family who live in Australia.

    This month was first food month. You and I and Oma went over to your Grand-Auntie’s house to make baby food with Lia and Erin. We made pears, apples, peas, carrots, yams (or sweet potatoes) and chicken. So far you’ve tried peas and…well…let’s just say that you weren’t that impressed. The very first food you “ate” (and I use the term very loosely haha) was a pea puree made from peas I grew in the garden. I thought it was fairly tasty, but you were very adamant that it wasn’t something you wanted, although I’m pretty sure the texture had a lot to do with that as well. The funny thing is that you were so against the peas, but when I brought you out into the garden to play, you thought that the grass and weeds were the tastiest thing ever! Maybe I should skip purees and just turn you loose into a field like a foal. :) You also tried carrots which you liked a little bit better, although considering how disgusted you were by the peas, that’s not really saying much.

    You worried your Oma and I a little bit when you started wheezing a little when you were upset. You don’t get upset very much for very long, so it was difficult to really hear it. We went to the doctor for your vaccinations, and he told us that it sounded like you were doing fine. Yay! At your vaccination appointment, you were 14 lb 3 oz, 26.75″ long and had a 17″ head, so all pretty normal. Just like we all knew, you’re tall and slender with a lot of brains. :)

    You’ve done this twice now…you got two more teeth the same week as your vaccinations, so you were kind of miserable for a few days. Of course, for you, that just means that you weren’t as quite smiley as you usually are, and a little more fussy in the evenings. You also got two more teeth a week after your 3rd and 4th teeth!

    Some of your favourite things to play with are your Baby Einstein activity centre, your Jolly Jumper and small cardboard boxes, like the ones cereal bars or macaroni and cheese come in. You’re also a big fan of paper bags and crinkly baby wipe containers.

    You’ve been helping me do a lot of cooking/canning stuff, mostly by taking naps when I need you to! We went blackberry picking, made a couple different kinds of jam, including plum jam from a tree near Oma’s house, apricots, and even salad dressing. I was wearing you while I made zucchini muffins with zucchini from our garden. I explained all the steps (“We’re going to put extra cinnamon in it as a special treat for Dad!”), and you were so quiet and attentive until I was ready to put the muffins into the oven. Your Dad came in and told me you were asleep! I couldn’t see see you, so I had no idea. Hopefully you were paying attention because it’s your turn next time! :)



    2013 - 07.19

    (This is a post that was written in mid-March but never published for some reason. We’ve since had her 4 month shots, which she did even better at, and hopefully her 6 month shots have been scheduled. I should add that after having her days and nights completely reversed for her first 2 months, Nadia slept through the night for the first time that week, and slept well until her 4 month shots when the poor girl got her first two teeth, vaccinations and a growth spurt within about three days of each other and blew her self imposed sleep schedule all to heck.)

    David and I took Nadia for her 2 month shots this week. She did a pretty good job, although the expected, sheer outrage did occur. She got three needles, two in one leg and one in the other, plus a syringe orally. She wasn’t as upset as I thought she might be, and nursed after. We went over to visit my mom (her Oma) after, and Nadia was pretty calm for most of the time. After that, we went to Dave’s sister’s condo where we had lunch and Nadia got Grandma and Grandpa time. Nadia started getting a bit fussy later in the afternoon, partly because she had missed other usual naps during the day, and the bits of sleep she was getting weren’t as long or deep as she was used to.

    Month 6 Letter

    2013 - 07.17

    Dear Nadia,

    You are now half a year old. 6 months. 26 weeks. 182.5 days. 4,380-ish hours. Over a quarter million minutes.

    This month we started official sign language classes. We have been signing at you for most of your life (milk, change [your diaper],  mommy, daddy, bears [for your bear mobile] and a few other ones) but have started being much more consistent about it. On our first day of signing class, we’re pretty sure that you signed “milk” to us! One of the other moms in the class noticed, and was astounded that you’d learned it so quickly, but I told her that you had over 5 months of practice by then. Considering that most books say to not even bother STARTING sign language until 6 months, that’s pretty darned good! I’m starting to think that you’re also signing “change” sometimes. Those are both signs that are fairly easy to do, and they’re DEFINITELY things that need to happen a LOT, so we aren’t totally sure if you are doing them yet. You are, however, extremely mature and responsible, so it could be happening.

    On the somewhat less mature and responsible front, you’ve started biting while we’re nursing. It’s now been over three days without any biting, so I’m hoping that you’re finished that particular experiment. I think the data collection portion has now been completed.

    I’ve been doing a lot of sewing at your Oma’s house, so you’ve been spending a lot of time with her, Grandad and Honey, their corgi. I’ll be downstairs at the sewing machine and I’ll hear you and Oma laughing at each other. :)

    Your Grandma and Grandpa are in New Mexico right now for a calligraphy conference. You don’t appreciate it right now, but your Grandma makes the most amazing letter art. If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll teach you one day.

    You still love music!! We got you a second mobile, so that you can have one on your playpen and one on your crib. Sometimes you’ll be fussy and all you want is for the music to start up again, then you’ll be happy. Dad bought you a fancy clock radio that plays music from my iPhone and from the computers so that you can listen to your favourite songs without me having to leave my phone with you. You also love something called The Frame channel on TV. It’s a slideshow of nature and city photographs set to music, and you also still like the music channels. You’ve also started making your own music! You love your musical garden that lights up (and we need to change the batteries on it…it’s kind of acting weird right now), and we bought you some egg shakers from Long and McQuade because you liked them so much in our music classes. It was just this month that you started showing an interest in shaking things. I bought you a rattle when I got your teething rings a few months ago and you couldn’t care less. It wasn’t until this month that you really started getting into them. You can also make your Sophie giraffe squeak. The first time you did it, we were in the car, and your Dad and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. It turned out that she was under your leg and you were banging your leg to make her squeak!

    Speaking of music, we took you to your first Highland Games. You LOOOOOOOVED it. There was so much to see and hear. You even loved the bagpipes, something I wasn’t sure you’d be too thrilled with yet. We have a video of you moving your fingers while the pipe bands were marching and it looks like you’re playing along with them.

    We have the geckos back in our house for the summer. We had them over spring break but you didn’t really notice them, and vice versa. Now, whenever you’re on the floor, you try to get over to them and get confused as to why you can’t reach for them because they’re in a clear glass terrarium. They’re pretty fascinated with you as well, at least when they aren’t terrified that you’re going to eat them (they don’t know that you still don’t eat solid food). They keep a pretty watchful eye on you when you’re rolling around on the floor. They know better than me how quickly you can move, even though you aren’t quiiiiiiiite crawling yet.

    Your newest trick is to get all the way up on your hands and knees. You’ll rock a bit, and sometimes you can lurch forward. Between that and rolling, you’re getting pretty good at getting where you want to be. Once, I was trying to see if you would crawl, and put out one of your toys pretty far ahead of you. You reeeeeeeeached for it, and then grabbed it without moving your body! Whoops…I’d forgotten how tall you are!

    This month, you were quite a party animal. My best friend’s son, Quinn, turned 1, and we went to his birthday party. You were desperate for some of my cake and took me by surprise when you swiped at it, getting a handful of icing on your first try…and icing is my favourite part! We also went to your Aunt Susy’s bridal shower. You behaved yourself very well, and visited with all the ladies.

    I mentioned that I’d been doing some sewing. So far I’ve made you a cloth story book, a green and blue tutu, some cloth wipes and a diaper cover. I’ve got lots of plans for other things for you, and I’m excited for you to see them. I’ve even been working on the knitted blanket that I started when I was pregnant with you.  I’ve only got about 100 rows or so to go…so since I knit one or two rows every couple of days, I MIIIIIGHT just get it finished in time for your first birthday.

    This month you also travelled as far east and as far west/northwest as you’ve ever been in a car. Your Dad, you and I went on a quick day adventure to Mission looking for a special glass thermos for me, and a few days later your Grandad, you and I went to Whistler for the day. We had ice cream (well, you didn’t get yours directly…) and took a picture of you and Grandad with a bear, but don’t worry. It wasn’t a real one. Oma said that it was Bearpaw (Grandad’s nickname), a bear, and Baby Bearcub (you!). :D

    The moment you turned 6 months, you and Dad and I were at Mom ‘n’ Toes, a baby art class. We painted a picture together of a little forest with a pond. I did the background, then you helped by putting your toes on the painting for turtles, owls and goldfish. It’s super cute, and I can’t wait to see what we make in the next three sessions. Your Oma sent you a text message at exactly 11:40 am, which is the time you were born. Six months has gone by so quickly and you’ve changed so much, but you’re still my little Nadia.

    I love you,


    Month 5

    2013 - 07.15

    Dear Nadia,

    You won’t be reading these for a few years, so you won’t notice that I’m posting this on what is actually your 6 month-eversary, but I wanted to acknowledge your fans who have been awaiting this next installment with bated breath. I’ll confess, I’ve actually had 90% of this written by pretty much a week after your 5 month-eversary but haven’t been able to pull the trigger and actually post it. I wonder how much of that is me not quite ready to acknowledge that my little baby isn’t quite so little any more.

    I should probably get used to it. I’m pretty sure that you aren’t going to be getting any smaller. :)

    You’ve been very busy this month! We’ve been working on our garden out in the front yard, and you like to lie on the grass and watch the clouds and leaves as they move over you. We’ve gone to watch Dad play Ultimate a few more times, and even gone to two disc golf tournaments. Dad was playing in one of them and he and I were in charge of another one. You were a superstar at both of them and helped me BBQ and sell hotdogs. We’ve been seeing your cousins and uncles and aunts and grandparents, and going to Galloways, and Toys R Us and Starbucks, and for walks and runs on the trail to the library, and at the track. We even visited your Aunt Jen at her work.

    Some of the biggest news happened just after you turned four months…your first tooth appeared! We had about a week of grumpiness, then a night of relief, then your SECOND tooth appeared! Now you’ve got two teeth on the bottom and you like to chew on people’s fingers. You’ve finally started rolling from your tummy back over onto your back so that you can fix yourself instead of getting mad that you’re on your face again. This also means that you can roll over and over so you can move across the floor, and we need to be extra careful when we put you on the bed or couch or change table! You’ve also learned how to play peek-a-boo. We will put the blanket over your eyes and you’ll pull it down and smile at us, but if you feel like it, you’ll also hide under the blanket yourself when we ask you if you want to hide your face, then look out at us when we ask “Where’s Nadia??”

    You’re starting to get verrrrry interested in what other people are eating. Some people think that’s a sign that you’re ready for solid food, but you’re also becoming very interested in what people are holding, and you’ll try to eat that too. You’ve become especially enamoured with my iPhone and will swipe at the screen, especially when I’m playing Candy Crush. We play a lot of music through my phone for you as well, and you’ll watch as it moves around, even when there’s nothing on the screen.

    You still like baths, your Douglas duck and your hug bug, as well as your bear mobile, but you’re also very interested in other stuffies, like your Tigger and fox (from a box). We also bought you a noisy toy (oh my!), a garden of flowers that light up and chime when you touch them. You like that one a lot, although usually you just watch when we set the flowers off.

    Hopefully I’ll get your 6 month letter up in a bit more timely manner, but hey! At least I can’t be any later with these unless I want to owe you two!


    4 Month Letter

    2013 - 05.16

    Dear Nadia,

    Yesterday you turned 4 months old. We’ve had a really busy month, flying home from Edmonton, going to two new parent and baby classes, visiting and being visited, and lots of firsts.

    We flew home from Edmonton and you were a super star, once your Oma and I figured out that you were overheating, and cooled you off. The man in the seat next to us was very nice, probably at least partly because he had a little girl of his own at home and had gone on some airplane trips with her when she was very little.

    We started our two newest classes, music and dance. You love music and will sit and listen to it for hours tens of minutes. You especially like looking at all the other babies in the classes. This month we also did yoga again, and for the first time, you weren’t the youngest in the class…there’s another little girl who is about two weeks younger than you. In dance, you’re the youngest by about six months and it’s so neat to watch the other babies and imagine what you will be able to do in way too short a time. Baby music is lots of fun, but I do get some of the songs stuck in my head for hours at a time. Speaking of music, Dad and I have been hunting down music for you to listen to. Dad likes the classics (Raffi, Sharon, Lois and Bram, Fred Penner) and while I like those too (as well as Charlotte Diamond and [old] Sesame Street) I’ve also found a great album by Kimya Dawson called Alphabutt. I like it because it’s kind of like all the silly songs I randomly sing to you that I make up as I go along, but because Kimya is a musician, she writes them down and records them. My favourite song starts out like this…

    The first thing in our list of things to do
    Is to wake up right next to you
    Second thing that we have planned
    Is to kiss both of your hands

    Third thing that we’ll do today
    Is look you in the eye and say
    I love you sweet baby, I love you sweet baby
    I love you more than anything

    Our geek indoctrination of you is proceeding as planned, from outings and purchases to decor for your room. May 3rd was Free Comic Book Day, and we all went to Taz Comics in Vancouver to pick up some comics. I got a few for myself that you can read when you’re older (some Stan Lee, Batman) and one for when you’re MUCH older (Walking Dead) and a few for you that we can read together now (Strawberry Shortcake and Pippi Longstocking). I finally got a frame for an amazing poster your Aunt Munira and Uncle Rob got for you before you were born…an alphabet poster of 26 different spacecraft…and Dad put it up for you. I’ve also finished painting a triptych of pre printed canvas of a dragon with a bird on his nose. It looks very cute. Yesterday, we went to see Iron Man 3 with Myka and Renae. You seemed to enjoy the parts you saw, although you were asleep or eating for a lot of the time.

    You had your first Mother’s Day. Your dad and I hosted both sets of your grandparents and your aunts and uncle for lunch. You were up for most of the day, then you and I crashed for the next two days and basically stayed in bed. Thank you so much for your gift! You and Dad gave me a special mixer that I’ve used to make bread and cinnamon buns, and I will be making a bunch of your baby food with it. Dad used it to make some food for the Mother’s Day lunch, so it’s getting a lot of use so far.

    Things you’ve learned to do this month: You’re still blowing raspberries, although a lot fewer of them than before. You started last month, but now you can roll over from your back to your tummy like a superstar. You always seem to get stuck there and are pretty unimpressed by that. You’ve also done it in your sleep a couple times, which nearly gave your father and me a heart attack when we checked to see you face planted in your crib. You’ve found your toes and will sometimes grab them and just chill out like that for a bit. You’ve also started reaching for toys and will pull them into your mouth. You will do the same thing with people’s fingers and your shirt and washcloths and blankets and OUR blankets…I have a feeling our floors will be very clean once you’re mobile and can stuff ALL THE THINGS EVER into your mouth. You’ve also started being able to maneuver your soother. You’ll pull it out, grin at us and put it back, or if it drops out, you’ll turn your head and half roll over to pick it up from beside you. Sometimes you’ll slide it to the side of your mouth and chew on it where your molars will someday be so that it squeaks, then put it back when you’re finished with that. Your Aunt Jen even saw you lift up the front of your sleeper to let it drop back into your mouth after it fell onto your chest while you were lying down. It’s so cool to see you making purposeful movements to interact with your environment.

    Although I’ve always loved babies and children, I never really understood how amazing parents found their kids until we had you.



    Mother’s Day

    2013 - 05.13

    Technically, this is my second Mother’s Day as a mom. I learned I was pregnant with The Passenger in late April and Mother’s Day was May 13. I’ve celebrated Mother’s Day from the child’s side of things with macaroni art and hanging baskets, and also from the teacher’s side, trying frantically to come up with a great craft project for the class. Last year, only Dave and I knew that Nadia would be arriving, so we had a quiet acknowledgement together, including some gift cards and some empty planters for the vegetable garden I was planning for the balcony. At that point, we were only six weeks along, and Nadia was about the size of a cake sprinkle. What a difference a year makes!

    The Cowbels hosted a Mother’s Day lunch at our place and we had a bunch of cold cuts for people to build their own sandwiches, different types of savoury and sweet salads, veggies, pickles and so on. It went really well, and was a great excuse for us to clean up Stately Cowbels Manor. I even baked some of the bread using my present from David and Nadia…a bright red KitchenAid mixer from Costco. I love it so much. :D

    So, thanks to our moms for coming and spending the afternoon with all of us and thanks to Nadia for making me into a mom.

    Love you, sweet baby girl,


    Month 3 Letter 2.0

    2013 - 05.01

    Dear Nadia,
    It’s actually been two weeks since you turned 3 months. Sorry about that, but you’ve been too darned cute to let me get onto a computer and type at you.

    I can’t believe how much different you are already. I have a feeling I’ll be saying that in most of your letters…but it will always be true. You’ve got from being a completely reactive infant to becoming more interactive with us and items in your environment.

    Your third month was full of amazing first, as well as some scary and not-so-fun firsts. Only a few days after you turned two months old, you went for your first round of immunizations. You had to get three shots in your legs and a syringe full of something that tasted sweet and didn’t bother you at all. You were NOT happy with the shots though. I was holding you and you let out a scream that I’d never heard before. Wowza…I’d thought that your crying before had been loud, but that was just a warm up. You settled down pretty quickly, and even visited with Oma for a little while before we went home. You had a couple of grumpy days, but all of a sudden you decided that night time wasn’t party time any more and that you were going to sleep through the night!

    Your dad and I were pretty surprised. We had put you into your crib to hang out while we watched TV, and you just kept not waking up, so we went to bed, and you woke us up the next morning around 5 am. That kind of blew our minds, and you decided to that for almost a week straight.

    You had your first Easter on March 31. You found a couple baskets that were hidden by the Easter bunny. They had some chocolate in them (which you generously shared with your dad and I…we’re so lucky it was our favourite kinds!), some bubbles to play with when the weather got better, a butterfly that lights up for your mobile and some canvases with space scenes printed on them for me to colour in with paint for your room. So far I’ve only painted the black background, but you seem to really like the black and white contrast, so I’m leaving it like that for now.

    We were all watching hockey one evening (your dad and I like hockey a lot, so we’re pretty excited that you seem to like it) and you were lying on the floor and it looked like you were about to roll off your back and onto your tummy. You gave two big practice heaves, then just as I grabbed the video camera and turned it on to record you, you flipped yourself over onto your tummy! You were pretty startled, especially since you didn’t especially like tummy time very much yet. You started fussing a little bit, then complained even louder. I could almost hear you yelling for the manager…that someone had stuck the floor in your face.

    The next day, we got some full on giggles from you. It was pretty late at night (you’d gone back to partying until 4 am) and your dad was bicycling your legs in your favourite place ever…the change table (you’re kind of a weird kid…definitely mine!) and suddenly you were giggling! It was pretty much the most awesome sound I’d ever heard, and I stayed up way too late trying to get some more out of you.

    A few days later, your Oma and I took you on a plane ride to Edmonton to visit your Urli (nickname for ur-grosmutter, or great-grandmother) for a few days. I wrote a few posts about that already, so I’ll just hit some highlights. You gave Urli and Oma some giggles. You charmed everyone in the halls from Urli’s home. You hung out on the floor a lot and were very happy with your cousins (once removed). You let out the most ear piercing scream I’ve ever heard from you, except when we had to get your vaccinations…in a very fancy restaurant. Whoops. You teased Oma, Urli and I all week that you were about to roll over again, but didn’t do it until Urli was the only one watching on the very last day of our visit. You were awesome on both plane rides, once I figured out that you were hungry/too hot and fixed that problem. You listened on the phone to Daddy when we called to tell him how much we missed him.

    We’ve continued doing yoga once a week together. I like it a lot, and you seem to enjoy it. You like looking at all the other babies, and I really like seeing where you are headed over the next few months and talking to the other moms.

    We’ve managed to make it through your 3 month growth spurt although you went through all the milk I had frozen, and it seemed like you’d never slow down enough to let me build up a stash ever again. Slowly, I’ve gotten a tiny bit ahead of you again, but it’s always a pretty close race. You’ve grown so much…you weigh over 13 lbs, up from 8 lb 5 oz when you were born (although your dad is probably going to correct me with how much you weigh in grams, haha) and are in 3-6 month clothes, right on schedule.

    I’ve got a bunch of other things I could write about, but a lot of them happened in the last two weeks, so I’ll cover those in your four month letter.

    Love you, Nadia-pants.

    Love Mum

    Month 3 Letter

    2013 - 04.15

    Dear Nadia,
    Today is your 3 montheversary and we’re visiting Edmonton so you can meet some of your Oma’s family. Unfortunately I haven’t written a full letter to you for today because I don’t have a computer and my phone isn’t behaving itself properly. Also, it seems that your 3 month growth spurt is happening right on schedule, so the only time you weren’t nursing (nearly 4 hours today already!) or being a Screamy McScreamerson was when we were visiting family and friends…which means nobody except Oma and I believe that you could be such a grumpy pants.

    Currently you’re asleep in the playpen, but I desperately need to join you (in sleep, not the playpen. I’m pretty sure I exceed its weight rating.) so I’m afraid your proper letter will be a bit late.

    Love you lots, even when you’re fussy,

    Karin’s Kitchen

    2013 - 03.19

    David hates it when I say that I’m a bad cook. I guess I’m not really that bad, but I’m not confident in the kitchen. I like the idea of cooking, and when I’m actually doing it, I usually have a good time, but I find it difficult to get started and I loathe doing the dishes and cleaning up afterward. There are certain things that excite me and inspire me to do some cooking, but my motivation usually flags by the time I manage to get to a place where I can start cooking. It’s even more difficult now that Nadia is here, because I’m never sure how long she’ll be asleep.

    And it’s SO easy to just buy something that’s mostly pre-made.

    Here are some of the things that inspire me to start cooking.

    • Galloways Specialty Foods: I love this store so much. Six categories of chocolate, 46 kinds of flour, 32 kinds of salt…etc. It just goes on! Check out the herbs and spice section when you’re there.
    • Chef Michael Smith: We’ve talked about him before on the blog, but it’s worth mentioning again. I love his show Chef Michael’s Kitchen, and it makes things look super easy, with a lot of stuff we’ve already got on hand, or stuff we really should have on hand. :)
    • Gordon Ramsay: I’m not a fan of his “in your face” cooking shows, but I just watched the first episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course and really liked it. Also, bonus, Nadia fell asleep while I was watching. She’s been asleep for over an hour in her crib now…I think it was the accent. ;)
    • Baking: I tend to like baking more than I like cooking. I think part of it is that baking is a bit of a science, so measurements are necessary, which makes it more difficult (for me) to screw up. And if stuff does get screwed up, it’s not the main meal with expensive meat that has gone sideways. Another part is that baking is usually super appreciated because it’s a treat, while cooking sometimes is taken for granted (although I try never to take Dave’s cooking for granted, and he never has with mine…just a weird mental hangup I guess)
    • Stuff that’s really easy: Slow cookers are my best friend, as are things like bread machines because the instructions are usually “Put everything into cooker/machine. Turn on. Come back in X minutes/hours. Eat.” Bonus: usually there’s no extra dishes.
    • Wine: just like when I’m cleaning, I find cooking a lot more interesting after a glass of wine. Sadly, something I couldn’t indulge in for nine months (although Nadia was definitely worth it!), and now I have to strategize a best time to have alcohol because I’m nursing.
    • Other people: I went over to a friend’s place to make cookies a couple weeks ago and it was a blast! Maybe I need to get someone to come over and we can make a bunch of meals together and split the bill and split the meals. Kind of like one of those pre-made meal places, but WAY cheaper.
    • Baby food: Nadia is way too young to have solids, but I’m really excited at the idea of making great food for her beyond the over processed, ridiculously expensive baby food that is sold in grocery stores. Baby applesauce makes me SO ANGRY. Seriously? A dollar for a jar the size of my thumb that will mostly get smeared on walls and my shirt? At Safeway this week, apples are selling for 4 lbs for $5. That will make a helluvalot of applesauce, plus raw apples for me to eat with peanut butter, and even some apple crumble for Dave. Mmm…crumble… Maybe it wouldn’t all be for Dave.
    • Saving money: Cooking is so much cheaper than eating out, or even buying the prepped stuff at the grocery store. Saving money is good.
    • Health: So much sodium and fat and preservatives and chemicals and other stuff that we shouldn’t eat too much of in food that we don’t make ourselves. Also, not knowing where food comes from and having it shipped so far…kind of wrecking the planet a lot.

    With so many inspirations, you’d think that I’d be better at getting my butt into the kitchen and actually doing something there beyond making a bowl of cereal…maybe that will be my goal.  Ok, I’m putting it out there. I’m going to actually cook at least one meal a week. I’ll let you know how it goes.