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    Report Cards and Procrastination

    2016 - 06.15

    David left the Cowbels website open on the laptop, and I’m currently doing report cards, hence the procrastination…

    We’ve moved! We’re in our house now, surrounded by (significantly fewer, but still a crazy amount of) boxes. :) Our location is spectacular. We’re within walking distance of at least 4¬†playgrounds, a pool, a farmer’s market, a place to watch lacrosse, a library… Nadia keeps asking to go for walks, and so far we’ve managed to get her out on a couple of evening walks this week, plus I’ve walked to the farmer’s market both weekends we’ve been here, once with Nadia, and once alone (LUXURY).

    Packing Superstar!

    2016 - 05.25

    This weekend, Karin was a packing superstar, labelling tens of boxes and purging like a rockstar! Thanks to her efforts we have at least 6 fewer carloads worth of stuff that will be coming with us to the new house. That’s AMAZING!

    Doing My Part

    2012 - 11.12

    In prep for moving, we’re decluttering. I’m doing my part by going through the myriad of bath products we have on hand and using them up. Yeah, pretty much daily baths…talk about taking one for the team. ;)

    In other moving news, we’ve looked at 12 places, short-listed six and have two more to look at today, then will make our decision this afternoon. We’ve got one strong front runner, but there were a LOT of people interested so fingers crossed…


    2012 - 11.03

    We’ve officially given our notice and are actively looking for a new place to live for December 1st. Yikes. Anyone want to come over and help us move? Or pack? Or both?

    I’m going to be eight months (36 weeks)¬†pregnant on moving day…at least I’ll have an excuse to not carry boxes around!

    (and hopefully The Passenger decides to arrive AFTER we’ve gotten settled, and at least partly unpacked!)

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