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    2012 - 10.25

    So Skyfall is the new James Bond movie and it opens on November 9th… anyone want to go?  I’m planning on going, probably to go and see it in Coquitlam in a VIP theatre…

    Summer Movies, who’s in?

    2012 - 06.05

    So it’s summer movie season and we’re already behind.  We’ve seen The Avengers, but we haven’t seen Battleship or Men In Black 3 as of yet, and I suppose we might not see either of them in the theatre.  Sometimes it just seems like more work than it’s worth… but then again we do have a bunch of SCENE points we could use this month, so maybe.

    Here’s some other upcoming movies that look good, anyone want to see them:

    • Jun 08: Prometheus
    • Jun 22: Brave
    • Jun 22: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
    • Jul 03: The Amazing Spider-Man
    • Jul 06: Savages
    • Jul 20: The Dark Knight Rises
    • Aug 03: The Bourne Legacy
    • Aug 03: Total Recall
    • Aug 17: The Expendables 2
    • Oct 26: Alex Cross
    • Nov 09: Skyfall (James Bond)
    • Dec 14: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    There will probably be a few others of interest in there, but sometimes you don’t know you’re interested until you catch a commercial or get a recommendation.

    Cheap FREE Movies

    2012 - 05.31

    Seems a little strange to talk about “cheap” free movies, but that’s actually what’s going on in June (at least at SilverCity Coquitlam and Metropolis).  If you collect SCENE Points, then you probably know that it takes 1,000 points to get a free movie ticket (at least usually), well for June it’s only going to take 500 points.  So you can get twice as many free movies, just saying.

    The Avengers

    2012 - 05.14

    We went to see The Avengers this past week on Tuesday in the VIP.  We all enjoyed the movie, and it was good!  Lots of really good one liners.  I’d guess this one is going to keep raking in the big bucks (and it did $200 million in the first weekend and over $100 in the second weekend) mainly because it’s good movie.  Well paced and satisfying with characters and actors that people like.

    Something strange did happen though, we were in the VIP 19+ theatres, and during the movie a couple of times we heard crying.  It wasn’t often, and it wasn’t even loud enough that I was sure until after the movie was over, but someone had brought their baby into the movie theatre.  Not sure how they managed that.  The end result was however that in addition to getting to see the movie and mostly not being annoyed, we also got free passes for another movie.

    So all an all it was a very good day, and we’d recommend that you go and see it.

    Lucky Number Slevin

    2012 - 04.14

    Saw this movie was on Showcase a little while back and taped* it, I’d seen it before and quite liked it.  I’m even going to go so far as to classify it as a favourite, which is interesting since it’s one of the few favourites which I don’t own in any form.

    If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching.  Stylish thriller with strong comedic elements, nice twists and turns and good dialog.

    * “Taping” a show, I suppose perhaps I’m dating myself now, what do the kids call it these days, do they use the technically correct and technology neutral “recorded”, or do they actually say “PVR’d”?  It won’t be much longer before kids won’t know what a VCR was and that for most of 30 years people used magnetic tape for watching movies or recording television…


    2012 - 04.05

    So Arnold Schwarzenegger is back to acting, this probably isn’t really news to most people.  He’s recently confirmed that there will be sequel to Twins, which will reunite him with Danny DeVito and will add Eddie Murphy as an additional sibling, making the movie “Triplets”.  Don’t know that I’m personally looking forward to that one, my favourite comedic turn for Arnold is Commando with Kindergarten Cop as a close second.

    It did however get me thinking what movies from his catalog I would like to see sequels to, and these are the ones which I came up with:

    1. True Lies (1994) – great movie, really fun, good concepts and well executed.  Left the door open for additional sequels which never happened.  As Red showed movies with old spies can work, so there’s potential here… at least if you can wrestle Jamie Lee Curtis away from her guest staring roles on NCIS.
    2. Eraser (1996) – another solid movie, got a little silly at times, but still the core concept was good and could easily translate into a sequel.  Additionally this could be converted into a series or transitioned to another actor, but the core is solid.  Not exactly In Plain Sight, but on some level that’s a good thing.
    3. Commando (1985) – ok, I don’t really want a sequel to this one necessarily but with him taking a bigger role in The Expendables 2 which serves to some degree as a spiritual successor I think I’m good.

    There’s a new version of Total Recall coming out shortly, which although an Arnold role really didn’t need to be an Arnold role, except that it was probably his star power which helped to enable the movie to be made.

    John Carter

    2012 - 03.21

    David wrote a post for Abandoned Towers about John Carter and its source material. Since then, Disney has announced that it is going to be the biggest flop ever.  I’ve been wandering around the internet and found some links to various thoughts and articles about it.

    John Carter may set Guinness record for biggest box-office flop of all time: National Post
    Thought on the whole John Carter ad campaign debacle: Bamboo Killers
    John Carter Flop Shows Disney Too Big to Fail: Chicago Tribune
    The biggest movie turkey of them all?: Mail Online
    Why did Disney’s ‘John Carter’ flop?: LA Times

    Some Twitter reactions that amused me:

    @brubaker John Carter is a flop when it makes 31 million opening weekend, 21 Jump St is a hit at the same number. I know why but its still interesting

    @mattbuchanan does somebody want to go see john carter 200 million times with me this weekend?

    @brendankoerner There are nine nations with GDPs smaller than what “John Carter” is projected to lose:

    We’re still planning to go see it. Anyone want to come with us 200 million times?

    Safe House

    2012 - 03.18

    After trying for a couple of days to make it to the movie we final were able to shake our tail and caught a matinee in one of the VIP theatres courtesy of a free pass we received for Christmas.

    We were predisposed to liking the movie as we’re fans of Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington.  We quite enjoyed the movie, it maintained a high degree of plausibility and the characters consistently acted rationally.  The trailers did a good job of getting us to want to go and see Safe House, but they didn’t really explain the actual title.

    Unlike the David Fincher movie Panic Room the entire movie doesn’t take place in a safe house, rather it’s a good action/spy movie which features a safe house.

    I don’t know if this actually reflects the way they actually do it in the intelligence community, but in the movie there are Safe Houses spread around the world and they are manned by a CIA agent, who’s whole raise d’etre is to babysit the house for the landlord in case they have a house guest.

    In the movie there’s a house guest and things go very very wrong.

    Enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to those who enjoy the genre, solid movie.

    Hunger Games (the book)

    2012 - 03.15

    So a while back I asked whether I should read the book before I watched the movie or not.  This decision was partly made for me as the book materialized on the nightstand.  It took me all of a day to read the book, which is related to the pacing and the relative size of the font in the book.

    Overall I enjoyed the book although I found some of the writing style employed to be odd, particularly around the dialogue where we would be in the midst of a section of dialogue and then we would be told that additional things were said as narration.  Whatever, threw me a few times because I needed to see where the quotation marks were, but otherwise it worked well enough.

    The story didn’t seem totally original too me, although it blended sufficiently many elements from other stories I was familiar with to make an original story.  The characters were well developed, had unique voices and were sufficiently compelling that you cared what happened to them.  So it worked.

    Worth reading, but the mature content warning on the cover is appropriate.

    I wonder what they are going to do in the movie, given that there’s a lot of nudity in the book, and although it may not be deemed inappropriate in a book for 16 year olds to be naked, or for younger children to read about them being naked (and it certainly isn’t inappropriate in the setting of the story itself), it is not the case that it would be deemed appropriate by the people who rate movies…

    I guess it’s likely that in most cases the story could be changed for the movie in such a way that you wouldn’t notice unless you had read the book.  Which is probably fine except for all the teenage boys who read the story and are hoping to see Katniss naked… (what are the odds we get some weird search engine traffic because of that phrase?)

    Labyrinth next Monday

    2012 - 03.12

    So Labyrinth is playing at Colossus in Langley or Scotia Bank Theatre downtown next Monday at 7pm.  Who wants to go with us?

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