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    Milestone: 13%

    2011 - 07.29

    I’ve spent the last day and a half looking at Karin’s pictures on Flickr, I often see her taking pictures, but I often don’t actually get to see the end result.  I think that’s part of what’s missing with the transition to digital, she doesn’t come home one day with several packages of prints that you then just casually pick up and flip through.  In many cases I find that I’m unaware that she’s taken a picture, especially since it seems as though she’s taken over 2,000 with her iPhone alone, and of course when she first got her Canon Rebel XTi she averaged 100 pictures a day for quite a while, and is probably somewhere in the 30,000 pictures taken range.

    Well I’m currently on page 28 of 211 (although I think she’s about to upload more pictures shortly), which represents all of the 2011 pictures that she has posted and about 13% of the total posted.  Some of them are crazy good, and maybe I’ll convince her to slowly share some of the best ones here, but by all means do go and check them out on Flickr.

    Recalculation: 479/3,794 = 12.625%  Well it’s progress, and eventually I will run into more pictures which I’ve seen before, if not for a while.  Still looking at all the one’s that she’s posted in 2011 feels like an accomplishment and a good excuse to take a break, blog and maybe even have dinner, or some ice cream with raspberry syrup!  But that’s another story.

    P.S.  In theory this is a milestone post for another reason, it’s #100 at Cowbels, Karin didn’t figure we should seek recognition until we got to 1,000… so I didn’t write about that accomplishment ;-)

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