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    More Fiction in Real Life

    2011 - 10.10

    Don’t know that we ever covered weapons much in history in high school, and it hasn’t otherwise been much of an area of study for me.  However when I was reading this article about the Canadian Armed forces melting down some collectible guns, they mention that they were Browning Hi-Power’s.  This stood out for me because that was Anita Blake‘s favourite gun in the beginning of the Anita Blake series.

    Normally the guns in a novel wouldn’t stand out especially, but with Laurell K. Hamilton‘s style, it’s more or less impossible to not have which gun Anita is currently carrying hammered directly into your brain.  Regardless, this is an interesting factoid from the article:

    The John Inglis and Co. factory in Toronto started producing Hi-Powers for all Commonwealth countries in 1944, while the Nazis continued production in Belgium, thus making the Hi-Power the only pistol used on both sides of the war.

    Books, books, BOOKS!!!

    2011 - 08.07

    I bet that the title of this post gets Karin all excited ;-)

    Just checking out my holds at the Burnaby Public Library (BPL), and looks like I’m in a good place for most of them, and will be getting them soon:

    Karin will like that it’s possible that I’ll have some of these books by the time she’s back from her vacation.  She might not like that I may have already started reading them (and despite the fact she reads way faster, we have a standing rule: if someone has already started reading the book you have to wait until they are finished.  No Poaching! or “Book-jacking” as we sometimes call it).  However, I’ll have missed her so much I might let her read them first (assuming I even have them yet).  Then again right now I’m on page 97/994 of The Wise Man’s Fear, Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day Two) so I might not even be finished that by the time she’s back.

    This appeals to one of our readers (e.g. me), so here’s a couple of videos:

    Patrick Rothfuss Interviews Jim Butcher at San Diego Comic Con 2011: No Ghost Story spoilers, but there is a Changes spoiler around 10:50, you have been warned.  [I haven’t actually listened to it yet]

    Jim Butcher Interviews Patrick Rothfuss at San Diego Comic Con 2011: Don’t know if there are spoilers as I haven’t listened to it yet.

    Patrick Rothfuss also appears in Writing Excuses, in particular Episode 1.32.

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