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    Fall TV Line up

    2011 - 09.12

    In case you’re wondering when the new shows air, or the old ones come back, here’s a list from Canoe.ca:

    SUNDAY, SEPT. 11
    Futurama (Teletoon)
    Rescue Me (Showcase)

    MONDAY, SEPT. 12
    Risky Business (Slice)
    What’s in a Name? (History)
    William Shatner’s Weird or What? (History)

    Camelot (CBC)
    90210 (CW)
    Parenthood (NBC, Global)
    Rick Mercer Report (CBC)
    Ringer (CW, Friday, Sept. 16 on Global)
    The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (Super Channel)
    The Protector (CTV Two)
    This Hour Has 22 Minutes (CBC)


    America’s Next Top Model (CW, CTV Two)
    Burn Notice (Super Channel)
    The Debaters (CBC)
    Dragons’ Den (CBC)
    Free Agents (NBC, CTV)
    H8R (CW)
    Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays (CBC)
    Survivor (CBS, Global)
    Up All Night (NBC, CTV)

    The Secret Circle (CW, Friday, Sept. 16 on MuchMusic)
    The Vampire Diaries (CW, CTV Two)

    FRIDAY, SEPT. 16
    The Ron James Show (CBC)

    SUNDAY, SEPT. 18
    Archer (Teletoon)
    Battle of the Blades (CBC)
    Cover Me Canada (CBC)
    Crash Canyon (Teletoon)
    Emmy Awards (Fox, CTV)
    Heartland (CBC)

    MONDAY, SEPT. 19
    Castle (ABC, CTV)
    Charlie Sheen Roast (Comedy)
    Dancing with the Stars (ABC, CTV Two)
    Flashpoint (CTV)
    Hawaii Five-0 (CBS, Global)
    How I Met Your Mother (CBS, Citytv)
    NCIS (Global, Tuesday, Sept. 20 on CBS)
    The Playboy Club (NBC, Citytv)
    The Sing-Off (NBC, Saturday, Sept. 24 on CTV)
    Two and a Half Men (CBS, CTV)
    Two Broke Girls (CBS, Citytv)
    Whitney (CTV, Thursday, Sept. 22 on NBC)

    Body of Proof (ABC, Citytv)
    Glee (Fox, Global)
    NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, Global)
    New Girl (Fox, Citytv)
    Raising Hope (Fox, Citytv)
    The Biggest Loser (NBC, Citytv)
    Unforgettable (CBS, CTV)

    Criminal Minds (CBS, CTV Two)
    CSI (CBS, CTV)
    Harry’s Law (NBC, Global)
    Kitchen Nightmares (Global, Friday, Sept. 23 on Fox)
    Law & Order: SVU (NBC, CTV Two)
    Modern Family (ABC, Citytv)
    Picnicface (Comedy)
    Revenge (ABC, Citytv)
    The Middle (ABC, Citytv)
    The X Factor (Fox, CTV)

    Charlie’s Angels (ABC, CTV)
    Community (NBC, Citytv)
    Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, CTV)
    Happily Divorced (Global)
    Parks and Recreation (NBC, Citytv)
    Person of Interest (CBS, Citytv)
    Prime Suspect (NBC, Global)
    The Big Bang Theory (CBS, CTV)
    The Mentalist (CBS, CTV Two)
    The Office (NBC, Global)

    FRIDAY, SEPT. 23
    A Gifted Man (CBS, Global)
    Blue Bloods (CBS, CTV)
    Cocktales (Comedy)
    CSI: New York (CBS, CTV)
    Fringe (Fox, Citytv)
    Nikita (CW, CTV Two)
    Supernatural (CW, Wednesday, Oct. 5 on Space)

    Dussault Inc. (Citytv)
    LOL (Comedy)

    SUNDAY, SEPT. 25
    American Dad (Fox, Global)
    Boardwalk Empire (HBO Canada)
    Call Me Fitz (HBO Canada)
    CSI: Miami (CBS, CTV Two)
    Desperate Housewives (ABC, CTV)
    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC, Citytv)
    Family Guy (Fox, Global)
    Pan Am (ABC, CTV)
    The Amazing Race (CBS, CTV)
    The Cleveland Show (Fox, Global)
    The Good Wife (CBS, CTV)
    The Simpsons (Fox, Global)

    MONDAY, SEPT. 26
    Being Erica (CBC)
    Gossip Girl (CW, MuchMusic)
    Hart of Dixie (CW)
    Mike & Molly (CBS, CTV Two)
    Terra Nova (Fox, Citytv)

    Happy Endings (ABC, Citytv)
    Suburgatory (ABC, Citytv)
    The Real World: San Diego (MTV)

    How To Be a Gentleman (CBS, Global)
    Private Practice (ABC, Citytv)

    FRIDAY, SEPT. 30
    Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk – A Celebration of New Orleans Blues (PBS)

    Bedlam (Space)

    SUNDAY, OCT. 2
    America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC)
    Dexter (The Movie Network/Movie Central)
    Hung (HBO Canada)
    How to Make it in America (HBO Canada)
    Prohibition (PBS)

    MONDAY, OCT. 3
    House (Fox, Global)
    Insecurity (CBC)

    George Harrison: Living in the Material World (HBO Canada)
    Hot in Cleveland (CTV)
    South Park (Comedy)

    FRIDAY, OCT. 7
    Sanctuary (Space)

    Rules of Engagement (CBS, Citytv)

    MONDAY, OCT. 10
    Bored to Death (HBO Canada)
    Enlightened (HBO Canada)
    The War of 1812 (PBS)

    TUESDAY, OCT. 11
    I Used to Be Fat (MTV)
    Last Man Standing (ABC, Sunday, Oct. 16 on Citytv)

    SUNDAY, OCT. 16
    The Walking Dead (AMC)

    TUESDAY, OCT. 18
    Man Up! (ABC, CTV Two)

    FRIDAY, OCT. 21
    Chuck (NBC, Thursday, Oct. 27 on Space)
    Grimm (NBC, CTV)
    Pearl Jam Twenty (PBS)

    SUNDAY, OCT. 23
    Once Upon a Time (ABC, CTV)
    Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (Space)

    MONDAY, OCT. 24
    Living in Your Car (HBO Canada)

    SUNDAY, OCT. 30
    Allen Gregory (Fox, Global)

    Bones (Fox, Global)

    SUNDAY, NOV. 6
    Hell on Wheels (AMC)

    Primeval (Space)

    I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Fox, Friday, Dec. 2 on Global)

    Nice short list… given that none of them premiere until tomorrow, this is probably the last day you’ll be able to say that none of them have been cancelled yet.

    Shipping to the US instead

    2011 - 09.11

    I think this time around for the Ace Race players packages that I’ll have them shipped to Blaine and then go and pick them up myself.  It’s already saving me about 30% on shipping costs, and it hopefully I’ll also save on duty/taxes, but we’ll see.  I’ll wait until after I’ve actually successfully done it before I talk about how I’m going to do it, as I wouldn’t want to plug a methodology that in future I might not actually recommend.

    Ghost Story: Review

    2011 - 08.31

    We’ve both now read Ghost Story by Jim Butcher, and although I think we both enjoyed it, I won’t speak for both of us here.

    It was an interesting and different novel within the Dresden Files, which on many levels it needed to be.  Unfortunately that’s about all that can be said about that without offering spoilers, so I won’t go there.  There are moments in this novel more so than any of the previous novels which contain historical reflection and flashbacks (mostly to scenes which you have not previously experienced in reading the other 12 books in the series, but may have been aware of).  Those were definitely interesting.

    I enjoyed the book, but…

    …well the series has evolved I suppose, and perhaps it’s starting to leave me behind.  We’ll see.  Unlike the Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita Blake series which started great and then seemed to devolve (and which is now starting to re-emerge and capture some of that original magic), the Dresden Files has been a continuous and natural progression and expansion of the characters, their responsibilities and the world.  If it hadn’t happened, although I might on some level be enjoying the stories more, I’d probably be complaining that it seemed unrealistic.  Sort of how Bart Simpson has been the same age for over 20 years…

    I digress.  Changes was such a monumental book that any follow up would be difficult, despite the fact that a follow up was clearly necessary.  Ghost Story does a good job of being that follow up novel, and sets the continued path for the series moving forward.  Is it as action packed as many of the other stories, no.  Does that change the feel of the story, it sure does.  In the long term will I appreciate this story for the complexity it adds to the character and the series, probably.  So I think it’s a good addition, and one which I’ll probably appreciate more later, but at the moment it feels as though something was missing, a little je ne sais quoi.

    Regardless you should read it, and the other 12 books, and the various short stories, novellas, and anthologies with related tales.  It’s worth the effort.

    P.S.  How cool of a Halloween costume would it be to go as Harry Dresden?  And what are the odds that anyone would actually recognize who you were dressed as?

    Unexpected Visitor

    2011 - 08.08

    With Karin on vacation I had expected that the house would be a little more empty, but what I really wasn’t prepared for was an unexpected visitor!  What gave it away was it the whole “unexpected” part?

    So I’m in the en-suite taking a cold pill because I’ve got a bit of a sore throat which mostly only bothers me when I’m talking (but I could totally record a smoky jazz album right now, if only I could do jazz), and I hear this chirping.  Not really that strange, the slider to the balcony is open in the bedroom (blinds closed), and there are birds out there reasonably regularly.  Seems as though one of our neighbours (above us) has contraband bird feeders.  That coupled with Karin’s jungle (e.g. garden) means that we see little birds on our balcony reasonably regularly.  Pretty timid little guys, took us quite a while before we were able to get any pictures of them, as they’d take off pretty much as soon as they saw us through the doorway.

    But as I walk into the bedroom, it becomes clear that the sound isn’t coming from the balcony.  Ok, no problem, Karin mentioned that she’d seen them perched on the outside of our windows before, and sure enough it sounds as though it’s coming from near one of our open windows in the livingroom.  Unfortunately, it turns out that this little birdie decided to visit the inside of our apartment.

    2011_08_08_IMG_6320 by dcowley
    I own this place!, a photo by dcowley on Flickr.

    So I watch for a few seconds, and it’s clearly trying to get out, and doesn’t like our guest rewards program (no air miles).  So I fiddle with the blinds for a few minutes trying to get it to either fly high enough to get out the little tilt out window (30cm/1 ft) or to fly in the direction of the open door to the balcony.  Neither met with any real success.

    A phone call to the parents to see if they have any brilliant suggestions, and the best one was trying to herd it with a soft broom, or use a pillow case to catch and bundle it.

    I have one of those grabber things, and I got a tea towel and used the grabber thing to hold the tea towel hanging down to try to herd the bird, this was mildly successful, and at one point I had it inside the towel, but it got out before I could take it away from the window.

    Moving some furniture around so that I could hopefully herd the bird all along the front windows and eventually to the balcony door, this met with some success, I was able to close the blinds behind the bird and keep it moving towards the balcony, but it didn’t want to turn the corner and leave the windows behind.  So after some additional effort and a couple of failed attempts, I managed to get the tea towel over top of it, then carefully trying to tuck the bird into the towel I was able to carry it to the balcony door.  I tossed the towel to the balcony floor so that the bird would have some space.  It landed fine on top of the towel, and then flew up to the railing and then away.  So thankfully the story has a happy ending.  I however have a bunch of cleaning and putting back to do.

    In some of the pictures you can probably see a purpley substance, I’m not sure what it is, but I figure I had best clean it up.  I had not actually planned to work on that area of the house today, but luckily I can be flexible.

    Here’s the pictures from the encounter:


    Unexpected Visitor, a set on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    A bird flew into my appartment today…

    No that’s not the beginning of a joke, it actually happened.

    The Law of Nines

    2011 - 02.16

    Because of the book-jacking earlier in the wek, I read Terry Goodkind‘s The Law of Nines instead of starting the Kim Harrison series.  Strange strange book, if you read the book jacket it tells you that it’s a thriller, and I suppose that it is.  There little mention of his long standing, and at least theoretically finished series: The Sword of Truth (although his next book The Omen Machine, is labelled as being a Richard and Kahlan novel, the first in a new three book deal with TOR).  I don’t really want to say much about the book, as it would be difficult to do that without including spoilers, but what I do want to make clear is that although the book is a present day thriller there is a relationship to the Sword of Truth series in it (which was completely unexpected by me), and if you haven’t read the Chainfire trilogy (Books 9-11 of the Sword of Truth), then The Law of Nines actually contains spoilers, which is totally weird.

    I guess I liked the book, after all I read it pretty quickly, but it definitely was not what I expected, so that’s probably the real reason for my weird reaction to it.  Maybe after someone else I know has read it, and we can talk about it freely, maybe then I’ll be able to better appreciate it and come to a fully formed opinion.

    Temptation Resisted: Recipe Manager

    2011 - 02.08

    While at Costco today, I came across a program labeled as Food Network Recipe Manager, which touted the ability to store and organize your recipes, and to do meal planning and shopping lists… It of course comes with some recipes built-in as well.

    Resisted the temptation to purchase it (only $28.99 or so), and checked for reviews when I got home. I didn’t do an exhaustive look, but the reviews are almost universally negative, so looks like giving that one a pass was probably a good idea.

    New Camcorder

    2010 - 12.30

    So just after her birthday Karin got a MinoHD Flip 720p camcorder from Costco, it was a good deal ($99.99) and was more or less what she wanted.  Well today we logged about 5000 steps on our pedometers as we enjoyed the sunshine and walked to Costco from home to return it.  Last time we were at Costco we saw that they had a newer model with twice as much storage and image stabilization.  Since we returned the first one, we’re now looking to see what else is out there, so we can decide what camcorder to buy.

    Turns out there’s a dizzying array of options out there, which is really a bad thing, because Karin does not do well with dizzy!  Boxing week sales are still on, but nothing is that compelling so far.  We’ve got a list of desirable features narrowed down to:

    • 1080p or maybe 1080i (versus the 720p of the Flip)
    • long battery life, removable battery, and/or can run while plugged in (there was a viable candidate we found, but it had a short battery life, and wouldn’t run while plugged in)
    • at least 2 hours recording time (ideally significantly more, or supports additional memory cards)
    • reasonably small and light is desirable
    • reasonable sound quality or supports external mic
    • reasonable low light performance

    We’ll keep you posted on what we get, when we decide on something, in the meantime suggestions or recommendations are welcome.