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    Christmas Card?

    2013 - 11.19

    We haven’t in the past sent out Christmas cards.  We’re thinking about doing it this year.  Mostly because of Nadia.  So, are people actually interested in getting or exchanging Christmas cards or is that something that our generation doesn’t do?

    If you’re interested in getting one, let us know and make sure we have your current address.


    2012 - 11.06

    We’re planning to move on December 1st. We’ve both been very comfortable and happy where we live now (a two bedroom condo) but with The Passenger on the way, we want to try and find something larger and cheaper (we’ve heard a rumour that babies sometimes need “stuff”). It’s tricky because between the two of us, we’ve only moved three times…and I don’t really count the time my parents moved me when I was eight months old.

    Staying in one place for a really long time (27 and 29 years for Dave and my first houses, then five years here) means that a lot of stuff gets accumulated. It doesn’t help that we both have hobbies that require a lot of stuff to do them. We’re also both bookworms and have many, MANY books, not to mention DVDs, kitchen things, clothes, video games and computer equipment.

    Our somewhat excessive Costco habit doesn’t help. :/

    It’s time to start purging, even though we’re planning to have a larger place. With luck, we’ll get rid of half of our belongings (eek…) and have a much easier move and a fresh start in our new place.

    Baby Registry

    2012 - 11.02

    So we’re in the process of trying to come up with a baby registry.  So far it has been way more difficult than I thought it would be.  There’s so many options out there, and so many things that they at least want to sell you.  So far we’ve looked extensively at Sears and Baby ‘R’ Us.  Does anyone have any other recommendations, or good or bad experiences with baby registries?

    • Were there any items that you received that you thought were useless but turned out to be indispensable?
    • Were there any items that you asked for that you never used, or regret getting?

    The other challenge that we have with this whole process is that Karin and I are not historically minimalists, but it is where we’re trying to go.  Given that we feel that it’s mostly a learned behaviour, we want to be there from the beginning with The Passenger so that they don’t learn bad habits.  That also makes it difficult to fill out a gift registry.

    That said we think we’ve actually finally managed to get it down to things we probably actually will use when raising The Passenger™.  I won’t claim that we’ve managed to pare it down to only things that we actually need but I do think we’ll use this stuff, and that we haven’t gone too crazy.

    We’ve got two registries at this point, and they do overlap a little (but not completely), so if you do decide to get something from the registry please do get a gift receipt (just in case).

    If you are reading this, please don’t feel that you need to get us anything.  It would be appreciated but we don’t want anyone to feel obligated.  Cards are totally adequate should you feel the need to give us something.  Otherwise, feel free to make a contribution to an RESP (although please let us know if you intend to do this, as we’ll need to manage the lifetime contribution amount, and provide you with a valid SIN).

    The registries are (spaces are added for readability):

    If you’re at a store without the numbers you should be able to find them under “Karin Abel, Burnaby, BC” or under my name.

    Other really cool options if you want to think outside the box a little:

    • bring Karin food after The Passenger arrives (apparently there are some cultures where this is the norm)
    • babysitting ;-)
    • visiting
    • video messages

    That’s the limit of my creativity at the moment.  Somewhat related, Karin’s shower is on November 17th.  She’s a little shy about it, so if you haven’t received an invitation yet, but would like to go let me know.  People aren’t being excluded on purpose.

    AAA Batteries anyone?

    2012 - 09.28

    It’s time to replace some batteries in our cordless phones, which use rechargeable AAA batteries.  So I started looking around for the best prices, and just when I thought I’d found it, I found a better one.

    Looks like the normal price for 4 AAA rechargeables is about $20, at the moment a couple of places have them on sale for $15.  That said, Costco sells a 12 pack for $33 (or $11/4 AAA), by far the best overall deal.  We probably don’t need 12 batteries at the moment, not all of the 5 phones need the batteries replaced.  So thought I’d throw it out there and see if anyone else would like some AAA batteries at the moment, if not we’ll probably still get the 12 pack, but figured we might be able to save someone else some money too…

    Shaw EXO vs. Telus Optik

    2012 - 07.09

    Considering making the change either to Shaw EXO or Telus Optik, just wondering if anyone has any arguments for or against one or the other of them.  I haven’t gone and done any of the research on our options yet (beyond knowing that both are available to us).

    So I guess the questions are:

    1. are you happy with what you’ve got? if not, why?
    2. if you had the choice to make over again would you make a different one? if so, why?
    3. did you get a great deal when you upgraded/switched?
    4. anything else you think is relevant?


    Still all wisdom-y

    2012 - 05.28

    Turns out I was a little premature in announcing the removal of my 3 wisdoms, today was merely a consultation.  So I get to stay all wisdom-y until next Tuesday (June 5th).

    The consultation was interesting, perhaps not worth the $90 fee, but interesting still.  I get three options for the surgery:

    1. Go to sleep
    2. “Twilight”
    3. Stay awake

    Apparently it’s a personal choice, which is interesting, and I suppose it should be, but it’s hard to know what is the best decision for yourself.  I suspect most of us aren’t able to make this through some previous personal experience (at least I assume that it’s pretty rare that wisdom teeth respawn like Orcs in a dungeon), so really how equipped are we to make the call?

    Being awake seems to have the most advantages generally, no pre-eating restrictions, no driving restrictions, etc… with the downside that you need to actual be awake while it’s happening.

    Twilight is sort of a middle ground where you’re sedated but not put out.

    Being put to sleep requires that someone drive you to and from the appointment, and there’s various eating and drinking restrictions before hand.

    So anyone out there who would care to offer an opinion from their personal experience?  Anyone who stayed awake and didn’t regret it?

    The Hunger Games

    2012 - 02.23

    So the movie adaptation of the Hunger Games is going to be opening soon… so here’s a few questions:

    1. Have you read it?
    2. Do you want to see the movie?
    3. Do you think someone should read the book before seeing the movie or after?

    I personally haven’t read it.  Karin has, I expect that she’ll want to see the movie (given how she loved the book).  So I’m mostly looking for a recommendation as to whether I should read the book before or after watching the movie (although I suppose if I don’t read it before the movie and don’t like the movie, I might not read it at all).

    Shared Bookshelves?

    2012 - 02.06

    We’ve already gone through the process of sharing our bookshelves, but I thought this article was amusing and worth sharing (How to Say “I Do” to Shared Bookshelves Without Ruining Your Relationship):

    It wasn’t when we moved in together, or when we got engaged, or even when we merged bank accounts (because we’re crazy like that) and bought a house that I knew my husband was in it for the long haul. All of those choices were significant, sure, but the real clincher–the moment I knew we had committed to the whole “what’s mine is yours” thing for real–was when we decided to merge our bookshelves. The actual process of merging said bookshelves? That was the first test of our soon-to-be marriage.

    excerpt from: How to Say “I Do” to Shared Bookshelves Without Ruining Your Relationship

    Perhaps this post will inspire Karin to write about the experience of merging our books… (although I thought that perhaps she had already, but I didn’t find a historical post which talked about it; could have been just a Facebook update or Tweet or something).

    Just Over 2 Weeks

    2011 - 12.09

    I don’t know about you, but I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet.  There might be the odd gift that we bought ages ago, but in terms of coming up with a list and starting to comprehensively find gifts for everyone, not even a little bit.

    Perhaps worse than not starting yet myself, I haven’t even started to come up with a list of things that I/we might want, which doesn’t really help anyone else out.  I guess I know what we’re going to need to start working on this weekend…

    No Power Up for you!

    2011 - 09.30

    I started packing my car to go to the Whistler Duck Golf, or rather I went down to my car to pack it for the tournament, and found that I’d managed to leave something electric on and that my battery was dead.

    Unfortunately, it was late on a Friday night, everyone (practically) is out of town doing other things.  I considered renewing my BCAA membership, and although it’s a good idea, I couldn’t justify it to allow me to go to the tournament.  It simply made the tournament too expensive to be worth travelling to.

    So a post on Facebook and I’ve got a jump arranged for Saturday morning.  No tournament for me.

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