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    2012 - 03.02

    NBL: National Basketball League of Canada, yeah apparently we have our own Basketball League.  I found out a week or so ago when I saw NBL on one of those sports tickers.  To be honest that’s all I’ve actually heard about the league.  That’s not necessarily surprising since the farthest west they make it is Ontario, with teams in Ontario (2), Quebec, New Brunswick (2), Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

    So I can’t say that I’m a fan, not really a fan of basketball at all in truth, but I do think it’s cool that some of the “forgotten provinces” have some professional sports teams.  Hope it works out for them.

    Eat dessert for breakfast to lose weight, says study – Weight Management

    2012 - 02.29

    Not really that important, and really who trusts “studies” any more anyway, unless of course they give you an answer you want to hear!

    You mean I can continue my debauchery and it will make me healthier?  Of course that study is accurate.

    What you mean I need to make a “lifestyle change” in order to live long and prosper?  What kind of phony science are these guys doing there?

    Anyway, this study got me because it’s talking about breakfast and has a picture of a giant piece of chocolate cake (which happens to have historically been a favourite breakfast item of my mother, probably still is).

    Eat dessert for breakfast to lose weight, says study – Weight Management.