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    Would you hitchhike?

    2013 - 01.07

    I don’t recall exactly how or when this came up, probably because of us both being sick, but recently we were talking about whether or not hitchhiking could be an effective way to alleviate traffic congestion.  We both grew up in an era where hitchhiking was illegal and generally considered dangerous.  I wondered if the associated fears and illegality of hitchhiking lead to increased car ownership.  Not a topic that either of us really knows anything about, but it was a briefly entertaining thought experiment.

    Imagine my surprise when today I found an article: “Spontaneous carpooling: Calgary’s new city planning chief suggests hitchhiking as a ‘grassroots solution’ to city’s gridlock“.

    Turns out the practice of slugging has been around since the 70s as a real method of public transportation… and here I thought we were just talking about some sort of crazy thought experiment…

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