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    Strike Back

    2011 - 08.30

    Keeping with the TV Theme for the week, we’ve been watching Strike Back on HBO Canada, which is a UK/USA co-production, it should not be confused with Strike Back a purely UK production which aired earlier this year on Showcase.  Or perhaps it should be confused with it, as the latter was a 6-episode series based on a book by Chris Ryan, while the former is a 10-episode series which is a sequel to the first.  The confusion exists because none of that is explained during the show or advertising.

    Regardless of the pedigree or confusion (assuming one was even previously aware of the multiple series) so far it’s been an enjoyable and “fun” show.  It reminds me a little of 24 and CTU, although Jack Bauer never really had a partner in the field like they do in this series.  Also, not being constrained by the real-time story telling there is able to be more action during a given episode.

    So yet another HBO show we’re watching.  Added to the list: True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones.  If they keep this up, soon there will be enough of them to keep us going year round.

    Clearing out the PVR

    2011 - 01.16

    Thanks to a lack of new TV, some reruns, some pre-empted shows, and failed attempts to record things, we’ve been cleaning out the PVR a little bit.  So far we’ve finished out Boardwalk Empire (HBO) and Rubicon (AMC).

    Boardwalk Empire: set mostly in Atlantic City during prohibition, quite different from your typical show, but it does have an interesting balance of morality, corruption, truth, sexuality, violence and transcendence.  Worth watching, although it does have its weak moments.  It will be returning for a second season, so we’ll see if they can keep it up.

    Rubicon: set in New York with a twisting conspiracy laden storyline, this was a very interesting show, with a good cast.  Unfortunately it was the conspiracies which were epic and sweeping and not so much the show.  I guess that’s the problem when you follow analysts and not agents in a “spy” show.  That said, what really held me (us?) back from loving this show was struggles with the feed, frequent compression (visual) and audio issues on AMC, forcing us to often tape each episode multiple times in order to find a copy which was watchable.  I would really have liked to see where they would have gone with a second season, but this Rubicon has been cancelled.

    Now we are working on Merlin (Space) which leaves a few others: Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Movie Central), Durham County Seasons 2 & 3 (Movie Central).  Speaking of Space, that’s a channel that definitely needs an HD counterpart, so someone get on that now, mkthanks (as Karin says sometimes).