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    Corn Maze?

    2011 - 08.16

    To the best of my knowledge I’ve never been in a corn maze, but it sounds like it could be fun.  At the moment there is a deal to get 2 for 1 admission to the maze in Cloverdale, the deal expires in 2 days, it’s one of those Groupon style things although this one is offered by Social Shopper.

    Turns out that there are actually 3 of these Corn Mazes in BC, with the other two being in Chilliwack and Oliver respectively.   Just throwing it out there in case it interests someone else.

    Hmmm, Photo Blog?

    2011 - 07.28

    Looks as though this might be turning into a bit of a photo blog, and I’m totally ok with that.  Karin and I now both have our own Flickr Pro accounts* now (linked to in this sentence), and no it’s not a commitment issue, it’s because sometimes keeping things separate makes sense.

    I’ve been taking pictures for years, and some of them are even good ;-)  Karin doesn’t have the history of being a photographer, but she didn’t grow up in a family that was so photo-mad!  Is there a single person (with the possible exception of Grandma) on the West side of the family who doesn’t personally own at least one camera (and I don’t mean a camera phone)?  I don’t think so!  I wonder what the oldest age any of the kids got to before they got their first camera, couldn’t have been that old.

    The downside of that photographic tradition is that many of our photos aren’t in an easily shared format, this is less true for Karin, but I know that I took definitely hundreds of rolls of pictures, possibly even into the thousands (anyone else remember the good old days of Kirkland film packs?  Costco for the win!)  I wonder if maybe we should all get together and do a group purchase?  I know there are “cheap” photo/negative scanners out there ($100 or less), but if we pooled our resources we could probably manage to get a really awesome one for only a minimal investment each, and then we could pass it around so that we could all scan our old photos (or at least those worth keeping)… just throwing it out there.

    * If you want to check out pictures though, you should totally check mine out first… if only because it will take a couple of minutes (153 photos uploaded so far), while Karin has 3,779 (and she hasn’t uploaded any pictures from Wednesday yet… the glories of having a 16GB card I guess).


    2011 - 03.20

    Karin already knows how to climb, and I suppose it’s maybe been a couple of years that she’s known how.  Now it’s my turn, I’m going to take the introductory course sometime over the next two weeks (while she’s off for spring break) so that I can learn how, and then we can go climbing together.

    Fortunately for me they did a GoodNews deal where I can take the into course for $35 instead of $77, so that’s a nice savings.  I also am able to climb for free for the week following the course which is why the spring break timing is particularly attractive.

    Back some years ago when we first started dating Karin was interested in playing Ultimate, and it became one of those physical activities which we could do together.  Over the years Karin’s interest in Ultimate waned and it’s now an activity that I mostly do by myself.  Well this time she started climbing first and enjoys it, I haven’t tried it yet, so we’ll see if this is our new “together activity” or not.

    For now at least we’ll be climbing out of Cliffhanger Coquitlam, which is where Karin first learned and where I’ll be taking my course.

    Healthy Resolutions

    2011 - 01.26

    Over the last few years, Dave and I have worked on trying to get healthier. We tend to be undone by drinks…Coke for Dave and wine for me (and diet pop, and juice, and…yeah…). We’ve instigated a new rule at Chez Cowbels. For dinner, you must have a glass of water before drinking anything else. So far, we’ve been pretty good, although today I was home alone and consumed a glass of Chardonnay before I remembered.

    Another thing we’re trying to do is exercise more. In that vein, we dusted off our Wii Dance Dance Revolution mats last night and played a little. It always amazes me exactly how out of shape I get so quickly. Dave plays disc sports twice a week, while I…do not. I’m doing some kinesthetic physio now which works my core and a few other things, but I need some cardio. Thanks to SocialShopper, I picked up some inexpensive BoxerFit passes for three months at a place near home, en route to work. The idea here is that I’ll either work out before school *snicker…* or on the way home (potentially more likely, although I’m resolved to do at least a month of “bootcamp” style workouts [every morning…whimper…]) We both have pedometers and try to walk at least 5000 steps a day, and we’ll sometimes walk to the grocery store or someplace in our neighbourhood, just so we’ve got a place to go (note to self: walking to McDonalds for ice cream is counterproductive.).

    I’m also trying to eat healthier, which seems to be good. Yay!

    GroupOn, I need a new suit…

    2011 - 01.21

    You’ve probably heard of these websites which offer deals of 50+% off of the regular price on things.  Well I’ve been monitoring some of them for a while now, and I just bought my first GroupOn (pun of coupon, in case that’s not obvious).  Anyway, the deal that got me to make the plunge was a $150 coupon for $50 to Indochino, which is a Vancouver based website that offers custom made to order suits and accessories.

    I’ve personally always wanted a really nice suit, but both the fact that I typically don’t need to wear a suit, and the prohibitive cost have prevented me from getting one.  Hopefully this experience is a good one, and I can claim to have a really nice suit.  We’ll see, still need to go through the measuring process, which hopefully isn’t too humbling, and then decide which suit to actually order.  I’ll let you know how the experiment turns out.

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