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    2013 - 04.06

    A few weeks ago, I started a challenge that I would start cooking more meals from scratch. So, how am I doing? Not too badly, but not as well as I’d like.

    We borrowed a bread machine from David’s parents and I’ve made three loaves of basic white bread, and David has made one. The first three loaves we made were pretty tasty, but very dense, and barely rose. I’ve been making detailed-ish notes so that I can see what the problems might be. It seems that the dry yeast we had been using was the problem, as the bread I made last night was much lighter in texture (less like a cake) and rose a lot more. I used yeast that needed to be refrigerated that I got from my mother in law and slightly warmer water (the recipe calls for room temperature water, but we have a fairly chilly house). One or both of those things seemed to work…since I’m not practicing strict control over variables, I’ll just keep doing both, at least until I run out of refrigerated yeast. (Note to self, and David…we’re essentially out of white flour. Costco run this weekend?)

    David and I made a trip to Galloways, one of my favourite places, where I took pictures of things that inspired me so that I could check out recipes and how to use them before the ingredients were staring at me from my kitchen counter. Something that has always caught my eye, whether I’m at Costco, Safeway or Galloways, is dried bean mixtures. They’re cheap and I’ve really liked most pea/ bean/ barley/ legume soups I’ve had. I finally bought some instead of just checking it out, since the recipe was on the back and seemed fairly Karin-proof (1/2 c bean mixture, 2 liters of liquid, simmer together for 90 minutes.) We keep a variety of Better Than Bouillon on hand in the fridge, so I made up 2 L of chicken broth and simmered the beans as instructed. Not exactly from scratch, but I’m taking baby steps. :)

    Overall, it was pretty tasty, especially with the bread I’d made. It was even better the day after, although I had to dilute the broth a bit because it concentrated during simmering (I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to cover it, and figured it would be easier to add water later. I figure it cost about 30 cents to make the whole pot of soup, and I’d definitely make it again, but with some fresh vegetables and some herbs next time.

    I also made brownies, but those were from a mix. They were absolutely delicious though. :D

    Wisdom Teeth: Food Suggestions?

    2012 - 05.28

    Meant to ask about this in the last post, but I’m also looking for suggestions or recommendations for liquid food and semi-solid food which are part of the post-removal diet for a few days at least.

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