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    DVD Collection Reduced…

    2011 - 01.21

    So between the two of us we have way too many DVDs, that’s an exact number by the way.  Today in an effort to tidy them up, they were replaced on their shelves, and generally tidied.  At the same time duplicates were removed from the collection, along with a few duds, movies that either didn’t live up to expectations or were purchased from a bargain bin in a moment of weakness.  Not really sure what to do with the DVDs, although stores still sell them, it’s hard to imagine that used DVDs have much in the way of value, especially if you’re trying to sell them to someone else who’s going to resell them.  Probably better and easier to donate them to a charity and trust that the karma points will offset any material gain which would otherwise have been realized.  Of course it’s the material aspect that gets you in to this trouble in the first place, if you didn’t buy or collect things, well does anyone actually live in that universe?

    In order to protect the innocent and us, I won’t reveal which are duds and which are duplicates (but feel free to speculate in the comments):

    Speak up if something catches your eye, but do it quickly as they’re out the door as soon as we figure out where they’re going.

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