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    Craft Project: Guitar Picks

    2011 - 11.20

    This craft project was actually from Thursday night.  Karin has many superpowers, this particular one has been used lately: the ability to lose guitar picks.

    We did a quick check at the mall to see if anyone happened to have guitar picks, we didn’t find any.  Before we started scouring all the stores however, it occurred to me that guitar picks don’t appear to be fundamentally complex items.  I could be wrong, and maybe there is a significant difference in how they are made in terms of an impact to your playing, but if there is I’m blissfully ignorant of it, and either so is Karin, or she hasn’t noticed that difference in her playing yet.  Regardless, we decided that we’d try to make our own and see how that worked.

    I did a quick search to see if this was something that other people were doing, and there’s lots of hints and videos and such out there for how to do it yourself.  At the mall I was thinking of using used gift cards, and the internet suggests that as well as used CDs (which we haven’t tried yet).  Overall the process is pretty simple, although you’ll find that the vast majority of the instructions out there are not necessarily helpful if you’re starting from a “have not” situation.

    The reason they aren’t helpful is that they instruct you to trace an existing guitar pick onto your chosen medium.  But I don’t have a guitar pick, which is why I am trying to make some you observe.

    “We can’t help you then”

    “Huh, there must be some other way!”

    So grabbing an image of a guitar pick from a location which allows you to order custom artwork on guitar picks, past it into a document, print it on card stock and now I have a template that I can use to trace a guitar pick like shape onto the gift cards.

    I was able to get 5-6 guitar picks per card, depending on how tightly you group them, and how big your need them your experience may vary.  So it’s just a matter of tracing, then cutting them out with good scissors, sanding or filing down the edges so that they are smooth, repeat.

    For anyone who wants to try this themselves you’re welcome to use the Guitar Picks Template (pdf) that I did, enjoy.

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