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    Polish Sausages (in the refrigerated section)

    2011 - 11.15

    It’s a while back now that I noted that Polish Sausages were back at Costco in Canada.  Well, now in addition to being able to buy them from the food court, you can now also buy them from the refrigerated section: Kirkland Polish Sausages.

    Hallowe’en Aftermath

    2011 - 11.01

    Scientists say that sugar doesn’t cause hyper children.  As a teacher, I have strong anecdotal evidence that it DOES.  The day after Hallowe’en is a good example.  Granted, there are other reasons: lack of sleep, excitement, lack of breakfast in lieu of candy, caffeine in chocolate etc.  But man, I’m totally blaming the candy.  My first day in a kindergarten/grade one class for my teaching practicum was on November 1st.  I sometimes am amazed that I managed to stay in the profession. :)

    We live in a condo with very few children, and so have never gotten trick or treaters.  That doesn’t stop me from buying a giant Costco box of candy, just in case.  What??  IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN!  No wonder most people gain 5-10 lbs between Hallowe’en and Christmas.

    I love Hallowe’en.  It’s my favourite holiday…even over Christmas.  I love dressing up in costume and I love the smell of burnt pumpkins.  I love seeing Jack o’ Lanterns, and toddlers and babies dressed up.  I love fireworks and crunching leaves (although it’s more like squishing leaves in Vancouver…details, details) and hot chocolate and misty evenings.  I love October in general: my birthday, the Surrey Writer’s Conference, Canadian Thanksgiving, the anticipatory build up to NaNoWriMo, those last few hot days before a Wet Coast winter comes in…yeahhhh…

    Welcome, November.  Welcome to darker skies and the insane buildup to Christmas.  Welcome to the frantic joy of creating a 50,000 word masterpiece in 30 days.  Welcome to hot chocolate and stale marshmallows.  Welcome to the first dustings of snow on the coast mountains (although that actually happened in October…shush.  I’m being all poetical.) and the point at which Christmas chocolate can be purchased for “emergency gifts” and the buyer won’t be looked at funny by her spouse. (Ummm…totally not talking about me…lalala…)

    Welcome to the next month flying around this little old star we call the sun.

    Costco: Photo Contest

    2011 - 09.27

    Hey everyone, if you haven’t already done it, you should enter the Costco Photo Contest.  I did.  But second place is still open.  Only requirement is that you need to be a Costco member to enter/receive a prize, otherwise it’s wide open.  If the picture you submit is of a cat or a dog then you can enter your picture for an additional prize.  It’s free, so there’s no excuses.  Go enter now!

    Prizes are:

    1. $1,500 Costco Cash card (First Prize)
    2. $1,000 Costco Cash card (Second Prize)
    3. $500 Costco Cash card (Third Prize)

    Winners also receive:

    • a Photo Book
    • 200 Free 4×6 online digital prints
    • SanDisk Ultra SDHC 8GB memory card

    The additional prizes that Dog/Cat photos are eligible for:

    1. $1,000 Costco Cash card (First prize)
    2. $750 Costco Cash card (Second prize)
    3. $500 Costco Cash card (Third prize)

    Costco closes September 30th, 2011.  But that doesn’t matter because you already entered, right?!

    That NEVER Happens!

    2011 - 09.13

    I was at Costco yesterday around lunch, so I had a polish sausage, and in what I believe amounts to the first price change ever for their hot dog and a pop, it went from being $1.99 ($2.23 after taxes) to being $1.50 ($1.68 after taxes).  That was a pleasant surprise.