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    Dr. Pepper Glaze

    2012 - 06.10

    One of the things that I’m realizing going through the recovery from the wisdom teeth removal is that I’m not a big fan of liquid or soft foods in general.  That and the fact that I have a note that recommends Slurpees and Milk Shakes while the June weather is totally not cooperating doesn’t help either.

    One of the things that I’m looking forward to trying once I’m back on solid foods is a Dr. Pepper Glaze that they shared on Facebook.  To be honest I’m not familiar with all the spices in the recipe.

    The actual biggest complaint that I have about the recipe though is that it’s presented as an image (probably necessary), but that the reference to it’s source is too small.  So here’s the actual source link: http://www.restlesschipotle.com/2011/03/dr-pepper-glaze-for-chicken-ham-or-pork/

    And to be honest the little story that goes along with the recipe makes it much more interesting.

    Anyone else want to give it a try?

    MADD Virgin

    2012 - 06.01

    Was at Save-on the other day and saw something a little unexpected: MADD Beer and Wine.  Both are non-alcoholic, which of course you knew because otherwise they wouldn’t have been in the grocery store… but still it’s interesting.

    So they have a white and a red wine; bubbly, mulled wine and sangria specialty wines; margarita and mojito cocktails; Brut (Champagne) coming soon.  That and if I remember correctly it was a lime beer which I saw on the shelf (but not on the website).

    It’s interesting in concept and execution, also 10% of the net sales go to MADD Canada.  Nice to see a charity doing something other than a run/walk to raise money, and in something that aligns so well with their mission.

    My guess is that since these are all virgin beverages, but which are supposed to mimic the alcoholic version that I myself would not actually be interested in them.  That said, they seem like a good idea, and could work for people trying to cut back, or be designated drivers, or I suppose perhaps even pregnant women (I assume it’s only the alcohol that they are supposed to be worried about, but I don’t know that).

    Anyway, if anyone does try them out, let us know if they are any good.

    p.s. they were on sale at Save-0n while I was there…

    Cherry Lime Flip

    2012 - 03.11

    I used to go Red Robin on a fairly regular basis. My usual go-to drink has changed a couple of times. Originally it was a Cookie Magic: a boozy Oreo milkshake or a Rookie Magic: a non-boozy Oreo milkshake. I quite like their Freckled Lemonade: sweetened frozen strawberries in lemonade, and when they started offering it as a bottomless drink, that was pretty freaking awesome. They have a couple other bottomless mocktails and on Friday (as a reward for working on my classroom) Dave and I went to Red Robin for a dinner break. I tried the Cherry Lime Flip and it was pretty tasty.

    We had some of the ingredients already (grenadine and maraschino cherries in juice) and picked up the others today (limes for juice and Sprite or 7Up). I’m drinking it now, while watching some Alcatraz and my concoction is pretty tasty! (ooh…that was kinda gruesome…and I’m drinking a red drink. Glad I’m not that squeamish!)


    Crunchy Top Brownies

    2012 - 03.01

    Hmmm, don’t know if this is true or not, but I do know that I’ve personally had conversations with people about brownies (I like brownies, got a problem with that?) and how they got the top on the brownies.  Personally I don’t think that I’ve ever called it a “crust”, but I suppose that’s what it really is.

    Anyway, the article “Perfectly Sweet: How to Get a Crunchy Top on Brownies” has an explanation on why it happens and how to emphasize it should you want to.

    This may require some testing, I volunteer to try your brownies to see if they measure up, so get cooking ;-)

    Beef Jerky Party?

    2012 - 02.27

    A friend has recently posted a recipe for Beef Jerky, and it sounds like it could be delicious.  It could be a good addition to a games night…

    Never Buy Beef Jerky Again

    I wanted to share this amazingly easy, healthy, and unbelievably delicious homemade beef jerky recipe I made the other day. MrsTemple found the recipe in magazine. Despite its suspiciously ‘health-conscious’ approach, the mag is surprisingly full of delicious recipes. I’d recommend it, as it is for food-lovers, not weight-losers. Spicy


    Another possible meaty treat appropriate for a games night is “Pig Candy” which we saw on a Saturday morning cooking program Food for Thought:

    Pig Candy

    As one of our friends famously said:

    “Bacon is the Candy of meats!”


    But with all this food, we might need to have a cooking night before we can have a games night… anyone want to help?

    It even looks like the recipes could be glutton free (and otherwise avoid other allergies and aversions).

    Cooking with Tea?

    2012 - 02.10

    Since Dave has been on a food theme, I thought I should jump in there too. :)  If you’ve been following at my personal page, you’ll see that I’ve become somewhat addicted to tea, specifically stuff from David’s Tea.  One of the things I have done to foster my addiction is sign up for their newsletter.  One of the features that I’m pretty excited about is recipes using different teas from their inventory.

    Unfortunately, it seems that there are some recipes that use teas that have been discontinued for whatever reasons (seasonal, special edition, etc) but some are still available, others can probably be substituted and a very few are already in my tea cubby at home.

    One that I’m really excited to try is their Lapsang Souchong Salmon. I love salmon, I love smoked salmon, I’ve got the tea at home…it’s win win win!

    Just don’t tell my Dave it’s made with tea…let’s keep it between us. ;)

    Crispy Mashed Potatoes

    2012 - 02.09

    One of Karin’s favourite food items is: Crispy Mashed Potatoes from Joey’s.  Last Thursday we went to Joey’s with Jennifer and Karin mixed it up a little bit.  Instead of ordering something that allowed her to get crispy mashed potatoes with her meal she instead ordered something else and got a side order of the Crispy Mashed Potatoes which when ordered separately like that end up getting fancied up with sour cream, cheese, bacon and green onions.

    Well, I don’t think that I’m going to make them for her, or order them from Zanzibar but I did seek out some similar recipes on the internet which she can try herself (because she’s an awesome cooker-person).

    Keeping with the Food Theme: Nandos

    2012 - 02.04

    So the one thing that we’ve had recently which I haven’t mentioned in the recent plethora of food related posts was something that Karin got for Christmas: Nando’s Sweet Apricot Peri Peri Sauce.  Strangely not listed on the Nando’s website (which although cute and amusing is ridiculously difficult to use).  Regardless it combined two things: Karin’s love for apricots and her love of Nando’s and incorporated it into “favourite dinner” (a.k.a. dinner that someone else makes for her).

    Anyway, there’s no instructions on the bottle, so went to the website to see what the recommended usage of the sauce was (which of course is how I know it wasn’t listed on the site).  Basic instructions are brown chicken pieces then add sauce and cook for another 10-12 minutes.  So that’s what we did, and had that accompanied with oregano garlic oven fries, and that might have been it.

    The heat of the sause was rated as a “medium” and we learned that medium was not too hot for us.  So we definitely learned something.  We’ll probably try some of their other sauces before we go back to this one, as we didn’t notice a strong apricot flavour.

    Eating Well

    2012 - 02.03

    We’ve been eating well the last little while, not that we are normally starving or anything (although if your sample was the 15 minutes after Karin has gotten home from work you wouldn’t believe it).  In addition to the ribs from Monday, and the prime rib at Robbie Burns’ Dinner, last Friday before the laser light show at the Planetarium we had Jen over for dinner.

    We had over roasted chicken breasts which had been brined and then finished them off with those House of Q sauces.  We had maple carrots, sprouted brown rice, turkey stove top stuffing (no MSG) and nibblet corn.  It was pretty delicious, I know you’re sorry you missed it ;-)  [it’s ok, you weren’t invited, it’s not your fault]


    2012 - 02.01

    Made ribs on Monday following the recipe from the blog: Delish for Juicy Tender Oven Roasted Barbecue Baby Back Ribs.

    They turned out well.  I wouldn’t say that they are the best ribs ever or anything like that, but they are simple and not incredibly time consuming either (takes a similar amount of time as a frozen lasagne), and everything is done in the oven.

    I received some House of Q sauces for my birthday specifically the Apple Butter BBQ Sauce and the Slow Smoke Gold Sauce and Slather.  So given that I got two racks of ribs from Costco we did one each.  We liked them both, but I think for ribs we prefer the Apple Butter.  I think I’d use the Slather more for pulled pork, or something that I was putting multiple sauces on.

    Overall it was very satisfying (rounded out the menu with garlic mashed potatoes, maple carrots and Karin’s mushroom and zucchini).