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    Report Cards and Procrastination

    2016 - 06.15

    David left the Cowbels website open on the laptop, and I’m currently doing report cards, hence the procrastination…

    We’ve moved! We’re in our house now, surrounded by (significantly fewer, but still a crazy amount of) boxes. :) Our location is spectacular. We’re within walking distance of at least 4 playgrounds, a pool, a farmer’s market, a place to watch lacrosse, a library… Nadia keeps asking to go for walks, and so far we’ve managed to get her out on a couple of evening walks this week, plus I’ve walked to the farmer’s market both weekends we’ve been here, once with Nadia, and once alone (LUXURY).

    Fun Fair

    2011 - 06.02

    Today Karin’s school had a fun fair to raise money for the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), and she took the first shift in the dunk tank.  According to a student who was counting she got dunked 15 times.  I was there delivering towels and taking video, which after it’s reviewed may be shared.  I’ll leave it to Karin to talk more about the fair if she wants.

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