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    Trailing blackberry stalk

    2011 - 07.17
    Trailing blackberry stalk by dcowley
    Trailing blackberry stalk, a photo by dcowley on Flickr.

    Trailing blackberry stalk in East Sooke. Although this may look heavily doctored, the stalks look very blue and the thorns very pink/red before any post-processing.

    Combination of three exposures -2, 0, 2 (Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB)) using Photomatix. No tripod was used.


    Personally this is one of my favourites, when we were walking around Christopher’s family property in East Sooke we found some trailing blackberries, and the stalks were such a surprising colour, looking far more blue than green and the thorns very pink/red.  Some of that colouring is lost in the high dynamic range (HDR) composition, but the striking contrast between the stalk, the leaves and the thorns is emphasized.

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