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    Breaking Bad Marathon

    2012 - 06.02

    AMC is starting a marathon of Breaking Bad on Jun 11th with the Pilot episode, and then will be running everything through to the end of the 4th season over the course of a couple of weeks, showing 2-4 episodes/night.

    This will get you all caught up for the Season 5 (and final) season of 16 episodes which starts July 15th (although it’s divided into two 8 episode chunks with the second 8 episodes currently scheduled to air in summer 2013 – how that’s not “2 seasons” I don’t know).

    Breaking Bad

    2011 - 07.27

    We talk a lot about the TV shows that we watch, but I don’t think we’ve mentioned Breaking Bad (AMC) yet.  Breaking Bad just started it’s fourth season, and leading up to it AMC ran the previous 3 seasons which we taped on our PVR.  It’s an interesting show on many levels.  The writing is good, the camera angles and perspectives are very unique.  I can see how it’s become an emmy favourite.

    Without giving anything away, I’d almost call the show a modern greek tragedy.  Not only do the characters get pushed down, then kicked while they are down, they are helped up only to be stabbed in the back, and when you think things are better someone rubs poison ivy on the wounds, oh and all this without telling anyone they care about what’s going on.  Yeah, “one step forward, two steps back” in no way actually captures the struggles of the characters.

    If you haven’t watched it before, I would recommend watching it, but it is probably best to watch it from the beginning and not join now as I believe too many references would be missed, and the “previously on Breaking Bad” section simply cannot provide adequate backstory.  On the bright side (if you’re trying to catch up) the seasons are at most 13 episodes, so it’s a more manageable task.

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