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    Review: El Mirador by Alex J. Kane

    2011 - 12.12

    I’ve finally managed to get around to reading Mirror Shards, that would be the Anthology in which Karin is published.  Because of that I wanted to do a careful reading of all the works in the anthology, and write reviews of them.  Because of the desire to write reviews it’s been on my “to read” list much longer than I’d like.  Partly because other books were out of the library which puts you on an actual deadline, and partly because I mostly read before bed.  When I read before bed it’s pleasure reading, which isn’t appropriate for something that I want to review.  Not having anything out from the library at the moment (or at least not that I haven’t already finished reading), it made it possible for me to get started.

    So the first story in Mirror Shards: Extending the Edges of Augmented Reality, Edited by Thomas K. Carpenter is El Mirador by Alex J. Kane.

    I was very much caught off guard by the story.  I really didn’t have any idea what to expect based on the title, but I definitely had not expected a second person story, but that’s what I got.  Interesting choice that.  The ideas are good, the pacing is good, the story overall is good, although it left me wanting more.  More depth, more detail, more Tzitzi.  I guess realistically being left wanting more is definitely a better thing than wanting less.  I also expect that it’s something that’s totally common among people who are primarily book readers, and even more so in my case as I primarily read series.  So going from stories which typically are told in hundreds of thousands to millions of words, and instead down to something that’s more appropriately counted in hundreds of words.  Odds are that it’s going to leave you wanting more.  Even stories that very clearly have a completed arc are likely to leave you with questions like: but what happens next?

    Bottom line, I enjoyed the story and would consider reading more work by Alex J. Kane, but at this point I’m not going to go to any particular effort to seek it out.

    Did NaNo come early?

    2011 - 10.31

    It feels strangely as though NaNoWriMo came early this year.  Karin and I went out to the library shortly after she got home, grabbed some food, and she then proceeded to spend the next 4 hours writing on the couch with her laptop.  It’s not even November yet!


    2011 - 09.28

    If you follow along regularly you couldn’t help but know that Karin is now a published author and an award winning poet.  Yeah, I’m a little jealous.  I used to do a lot of creative writing personally, but it isn’t something that I’ve made time for in years.  I think that it was probably a few too many essays which kicked me out of the habit.

    Every now and again because of all the creative writing or I suppose just writing that she’s doing I think about doing some myself, but I mostly don’t find that I have stories which are trying to get out.  It’s not as though there aren’t ideas abound, but they aren’t ideas which require stories, it’s more likely that they are problems that I see and they are the solutions to those problems.  Important and useful skill, yes, conducive to keeping a reader interested, not so much.

    Well the other week, Karin started a new short story a paranormal noir story for a particular anthology (if memory serves).  Well, this time around I did get a bit of an idea, but it wasn’t so much an idea for a story as it was an idea for a character.  That said, it did lead to an actual paragraph or two.  Who knows if it will actually amount to anything more than that.  But here’s the first paragraph:

    I punched him, the bribe was insulting.  To think that I would compromise my principles for money, money!?  Idiot.


    Running low on books…

    2011 - 09.26

    If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Mirror Shards from Karin, she’s starting to run low on copies.  Of course we can always order in more, but the run of “first editions” is nearing an end.

    Author Page

    2011 - 09.17

    Everyone’s favourite new author, the award winning K.E. Abel has her very own Author Page on Shelfari.  Just saying.  If you plan to read Mirror Shards: Extending the Edges of Augmented Reality (Volume 1) or at least Gift Horses which is included in the anthology, you can add that to your Shelfari shelf now if you so desire.

    Email Updates

    2011 - 07.24

    So a long time ago we received a request to allow people to subscribe for email updates when posts happen, so that you don’t have to keep checking and not finding any new content.  So we implemented that.  Today we’ve added a second option powered by Feedburner now part of the Google family.  If anyone has any preference one way or the other let us know, as we’ll likely discontinue one of them in the near future, after we’ve had a chance to evaluate if one is clearly better than the other.

    In case it’s not obvious both options are in the sidebar, the second and third items respectively.

    Once we decide which we like better we’ll also be implementing that option over at K.E. Abel’s official site, so that all her fans can keep up to date about the latest happenings and events.  There’s all sorts of short stories that are making the rounds amongst her beta readers, so whether those appear in anthologies or as ebooks or in some other form who knows, but there soon will not be a lack of supply!


    2011 - 07.17

    We have been a little negligent here lately, I’ll see if I can maintain some momentum and change that.  If you haven’t been reading Karin’s personal blog (Random Synapses) then you might not know that she’s submitted a story to an anthology and had her submission accepted.  Not only has it been accepted, she’s already been paid for it!  I’m sure we’ll remember to post all the details once it’s available for you to purchase or read.

    If you’re interested in a little bit more details, you can check out the “Amazing News“.  You can also follow along at the publisher’s website for more information: Black Moon Books.  An alphabetical table of contents is available in the Mirror Shards – TOC Announcement (note: Karin Able is Karin despite the misspelling of her last name; should be Abel).

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