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    Specialized Skills

    2012 - 01.10

    Ever look back on your life and realize that you have highly specialized skills which you aren’t really sure how you developed?

    Well, I know how I developed these particular skills, but still they are strange, or I find them to be.  It’s probably pretty obvious with the upcoming relaunch of Abandoned Towers that I’ve kind of got that on the brain.  At the moment I’m migrating all of the existing poetry catalogue into the new poetry format, and creating author pages for the poets.  Essentially it’s a copy and paste operation, with a few bells and whistles.  In my experience however most people are really bad at migrating content.

    The problem: they want to ‘touch’ it while they do the migration.  Sometimes that’s appropriate, but most of the time you want to avoid touching the content, as it just slows you down.

    In this particular case, by the end I will have actually touched every single piece of content that goes on Abandoned Towers, and yet I will have read next to none of it.  I’m interested in speed and bulk, not in actually reading the content.  So sounds simple, right?

    “Yeah, I know right!?”

    Well the problem is since you’re not actually reading the content, and doing a repetitive operation, it can become quite mind-numbing, so the skill comes in actually keeping the speed up, while maintaining focus and accuracy.  So far I’m averaging about 20 poems an hour, which is quite respectable, not super awesome, but with the amount of meta data which needs to be extracted from the content (without reading it) makes it respectable.

    Award Winner!

    2011 - 09.10

    Not quite an official press release, but it is a scan of the information from the Burnaby Writer’s Society bi-monthly newsletter.  Collecting the 3 place prize is everyone’s favourite new author: K.E. Abel.  Note: the K does indeed stand for Karin with an “i”, but typos like that really don’t diminish the accomplishment or her greatness.

    Burnaby Writers Society, Writing Contest 2011: Fire

    BWS’s 2011 contest on the theme of FIRE

    Our judge was BC poet Peter Trower. Peter, who has worked for years as the poetry editor for Raincoast Chronicles and has reviewed a lot of submissions in his time, said he was amazed at the high quality of work submitted for the 2011 Burnaby Writers Society contest, and had difficulty picking the winners. He was impressed to see a sestina among the entries. He knows of only one person that wrote sestinas well, Earle Birney.

    Winners and finalists will read from their work at our September 20th Spoken INK awards night, La Fontana Caffe, #101-3701 East Hastings (at Boundary Road), Burnaby .Readings begin at 8:00 p.m. Everyone is cordially invited to attend.”

    from http://burnabywritersnews.blogspot.com/2011/08/contest-results.html

    Awesome News!!

    2011 - 08.15

    Check out my announcement at Random Synapses!

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