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    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    2013 - 03.17

    I’m Scottish and Austrian, David is British, Welsh and Isle of Man-ish, which means that Nadia is from everywhere in the United Kingdom EXCEPT Ireland. Well, she’s in her green diaper cover and green shirt today, I’ll drink some beer, and maybe eat something pepperminty.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

    Just Over 2 Weeks

    2011 - 12.09

    I don’t know about you, but I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet.  There might be the odd gift that we bought ages ago, but in terms of coming up with a list and starting to comprehensively find gifts for everyone, not even a little bit.

    Perhaps worse than not starting yet myself, I haven’t even started to come up with a list of things that I/we might want, which doesn’t really help anyone else out.  I guess I know what we’re going to need to start working on this weekend…

    The greatest Halloween costume ever

    2011 - 10.29
    The greatest Halloween costume ever by docpop
    The greatest Halloween costume ever, a photo by docpop on Flickr.

    I don’t know that it’s the “greatest” costume ever, but it’s pretty good. I imagine that it could be pretty fun to do, and could essentially result in a series of random acts of kindness. – DC

    Via Flickr:
    Drawn by Doctor Popular, but based entirely on this Metafilter comment posted by np312.

    More comics, art, music, and projects on my blog. If you like this comic, please stop by my site to see what else I’ve been up to.

    Rethinking Myself

    2011 - 10.09

    It has been said that there is nothing life that is certain except for death and taxes.  I would have disagreed with everyone because there were some completely immutable facts about myself…that have now changed.

    1. I am a-political. When I was growing up, my dad was very active in volunteering for the local candidate for his preferred political party.  We always had a sign out at election time, but I didn’t really care much.  I voted in every election as far as I can remember, but was sorta “meh” about the whole thing.  A few years back I went to the Iran rally down at the Vancouver Art Gallery…and now I’m significantly more interested in politics, especially since we’ve got ’em and so many places don’t.  Now, I’m the union rep for my school and am realizing fully how damned important it all is. Myth? BUSTED.
    2. I’m lazy. I’ve often thought this about myself, but here’s the thing.  Despite much preferring to lie on the couch and read instead of going to the gym, I have ALWAYS done tons of stuff.  It’s not just because I don’t know how to say no (although that’s certainly part of it) but that I LOVE EVERYTHING (except usually going to the gym) AND WANT TO DO IT ALLLLLLL!!! Ever since high school, I’ve always had at least one job, and often two or three.  I’ve always been active in some kind of art or craft or music thing, especially if it was self directed.  I’m starting to come to the realization that I’m a bit of a work a holic. Myth likewise busted.
    3. I’m too sensitive.  I’m finally coming to the realization that I’m just sensitive enough.  I like who I am most of the time, and I like that I can make other people feel better.  I like that I feel deeply, and I like that I can make other people feel deeply, especially through my writing (I should write more poetry…).  Maybe I tear up at kitten ads, but y’know what? I like that about myself. Myth again? Busted.
    4. I’m wishy washy.  I’m not.  I like things I like and there’s nothing you can say about it.  When I care enough about something, I go for it.  Just because conversations with me about where we should go for dinner usually end up with me not really caring doesn’t mean I don’t have deep needs to have things go my own way when it matters to me.  I think that’s the big thing…when something is important to me, I’ll go over hell and high water to get it.  Ask Dave about the six months before we moved out sometime.  I think I might’ve been working three jobs at that point, plus job hunting, plus finishing off the last of my teaching certificate, plus apartment hunting, plus a multitude of other things that I don’t even remember because I was working three jobs and job hunting and… etc.  While I often honestly don’t really mind what movie we see or what other unimportant things are floating around, I will fight for the stuff that I feel is important.  Final myth for tonight?  Also busted.

    A Rough Couple Days

    2011 - 09.25

    Between a false fire alarm Thursday night/Friday morning (at 4 am), an all day disc golf event (which was awesome!!) and a 4 am wake-up thanks to the wind storm thumping cardboard boxes on our balcony to our glass doors I haven’t been sleeping super well…leading to me feeling a bit under the weather. I hope that my sore throat is better by tomorrow. I don’t want to miss any school in September…still working on routines with my kids and I only have a sketch of a dayplan for tomorrow. *I* could follow it pretty easily but I wouldn’t want to ask a TOC (Teacher On Call) to do it.

    I am not alone…

    2011 - 09.18

    An anonymous writer calling him/herself Writer, Rejected has been compiling rejection notes from all over the intarwebz and posting them on a site called Literary Rejections on Display, or LROD.  His/her anonymous readers (called anonymice, or the singular “mouse”…so cute! :D Gives me a happy.) also submit them, including scans of old ones. So far in the archives, I ran across one for a film script from 1907 or so by Charlie Chaplin’s film company, one for Madonna back in the 80s and one from 1897 or thereabouts.  It’s a fun site to get lost in for a while.

    Robbie Burns Dinner

    2011 - 01.25

    So we’ve got a Robbie Burns Dinner coming up this Saturday evening.  It’s a fundraiser for the Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band which Karin’s brother is a member of.  This will be my third year in attendance, so I have a good idea what to expect.  Should be a good time, with good food and bagpipes.

    Interestingly there are currently two private members bills in the senate which are somewhat related.  Bill S-226 which would establish the Maple Leaf tartan as Canada’s national tartan (currently there is no national tartan).  Bill s-222 which would establish April 6 as Tartan Day in Canada (have no idea why they picked April 6).

    According to the article there are approximately 4.7 million Canadians of Scottish decent which translates to roughly 14% of the population, which is pretty impressive (1 in 7ish).  Who knew?  Scotland itself currently has a population of roughly 5.2 million.  So they only have 10% on us…  Undoubtedly there are countries out there where the native population is dramatically exceeded by the expat population, but it’s still surprising to see a figure like that.

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