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    Baby Pictures

    2013 - 01.25

    It probably surprises no one that we already have hundreds of pictures of Nadia.  You might have noticed their conspicuous absence on places like Facebook.  For now at least we’re keeping them off those types of sites, partly for her and our privacy but also because of their policies relating to the photos that you upload which we’re not entirely comfortable with.

    So what that means is that we’re currently only uploading them to Flickr, and that we’re restricting the viewing of those photos to our friends and family.  So what does this mean for you, if you want to see some of the photos (and videos)?

    1. You need to create a free Flickr account (you can use a Yahoo account, a Google Account, or a Facebook account if you prefer)
    2. Add both Karin and I as contacts: dcowley and Random Synapses (by screen name, or you can do it by email address)
    3. We then need to classify you as being “Friends” or “Family” and then you’ll have access to the assorted galleries featuring Nadia

    We realize that this is a bit of an inconvenience, but we figure that those of you who really want to see the pictures won’t mind jumping through the small hoop, so that we can maintain Nadia’s online privacy and security.

    Vacation’s Over

    2012 - 01.02

    The phrase “vacation’s over” actually always makes me think of a Sting song “Saint Augustine in Hell”, of course I had to go and find the song to verify that I had the title right.  It’s from Ten Summoner’s Tales, and the phrase comes from the section which starts at 2:33 and goes through 3:10.  Although the phrase in the song is actually “break’s over”.

    Here’s a video that someone put together featuring clips from Supernatural to go with the song, it’s a Dean/Meg theme.


    So it being the first day of the year 2012, the vacation I’m referring to is not the pleasant couple of weeks of having Karin at home predominantly to myself, but rather the vacation we’ve taken from talking about ourselves.  On the bright side, since we haven’t been talking about what we’ve been up to for the last couple of weeks, we might actually have some good stories.  Well we can pretend together at least.

    Books, books, BOOKS!!!

    2011 - 08.07

    I bet that the title of this post gets Karin all excited ;-)

    Just checking out my holds at the Burnaby Public Library (BPL), and looks like I’m in a good place for most of them, and will be getting them soon:

    Karin will like that it’s possible that I’ll have some of these books by the time she’s back from her vacation.  She might not like that I may have already started reading them (and despite the fact she reads way faster, we have a standing rule: if someone has already started reading the book you have to wait until they are finished.  No Poaching! or “Book-jacking” as we sometimes call it).  However, I’ll have missed her so much I might let her read them first (assuming I even have them yet).  Then again right now I’m on page 97/994 of The Wise Man’s Fear, Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day Two) so I might not even be finished that by the time she’s back.

    This appeals to one of our readers (e.g. me), so here’s a couple of videos:

    Patrick Rothfuss Interviews Jim Butcher at San Diego Comic Con 2011: No Ghost Story spoilers, but there is a Changes spoiler around 10:50, you have been warned.  [I haven’t actually listened to it yet]

    Jim Butcher Interviews Patrick Rothfuss at San Diego Comic Con 2011: Don’t know if there are spoilers as I haven’t listened to it yet.

    Patrick Rothfuss also appears in Writing Excuses, in particular Episode 1.32.

    Fun Fair

    2011 - 06.02

    Today Karin’s school had a fun fair to raise money for the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), and she took the first shift in the dunk tank.  According to a student who was counting she got dunked 15 times.  I was there delivering towels and taking video, which after it’s reviewed may be shared.  I’ll leave it to Karin to talk more about the fair if she wants.

    Time Lapse Photography/Video

    2011 - 05.09

    While reading one of those lists of suggestions for mother’s day, we came across a couple of interesting suggestions, a bird camera with motion sensor to automatically take pictures of the birds as they come to feed and a plant cam which does time lapse videos of plants growing.

    In truth they would probably sort of interest both of our mom’s, but they SCREAM Karin, and she’s a little infatuated with them at the moment.  So we’re doing some research into software and equipment for doing time lapse photography/video so if anyone has suggestions, or experience please share.

    Turns out that the stuff which we found is actually available locally.  So we might have to check them out and see what prices are like, and maybe talk to someone who hopefully has used them.  One of the coolest features of finding the website behind them, is that they have some accessories, the coolest being the option to power the camera with a solar panel instead of batteries, so that you can just keep it running indefinitely.

    This all ties in nicely with the new balcony garden which Karin has set up, so we’ll see how it pans out.

    DVD Collection Reduced…

    2011 - 01.21

    So between the two of us we have way too many DVDs, that’s an exact number by the way.  Today in an effort to tidy them up, they were replaced on their shelves, and generally tidied.  At the same time duplicates were removed from the collection, along with a few duds, movies that either didn’t live up to expectations or were purchased from a bargain bin in a moment of weakness.  Not really sure what to do with the DVDs, although stores still sell them, it’s hard to imagine that used DVDs have much in the way of value, especially if you’re trying to sell them to someone else who’s going to resell them.  Probably better and easier to donate them to a charity and trust that the karma points will offset any material gain which would otherwise have been realized.  Of course it’s the material aspect that gets you in to this trouble in the first place, if you didn’t buy or collect things, well does anyone actually live in that universe?

    In order to protect the innocent and us, I won’t reveal which are duds and which are duplicates (but feel free to speculate in the comments):

    Speak up if something catches your eye, but do it quickly as they’re out the door as soon as we figure out where they’re going.

    New Camcorder

    2010 - 12.30

    So just after her birthday Karin got a MinoHD Flip 720p camcorder from Costco, it was a good deal ($99.99) and was more or less what she wanted.  Well today we logged about 5000 steps on our pedometers as we enjoyed the sunshine and walked to Costco from home to return it.  Last time we were at Costco we saw that they had a newer model with twice as much storage and image stabilization.  Since we returned the first one, we’re now looking to see what else is out there, so we can decide what camcorder to buy.

    Turns out there’s a dizzying array of options out there, which is really a bad thing, because Karin does not do well with dizzy!  Boxing week sales are still on, but nothing is that compelling so far.  We’ve got a list of desirable features narrowed down to:

    • 1080p or maybe 1080i (versus the 720p of the Flip)
    • long battery life, removable battery, and/or can run while plugged in (there was a viable candidate we found, but it had a short battery life, and wouldn’t run while plugged in)
    • at least 2 hours recording time (ideally significantly more, or supports additional memory cards)
    • reasonably small and light is desirable
    • reasonable sound quality or supports external mic
    • reasonable low light performance

    We’ll keep you posted on what we get, when we decide on something, in the meantime suggestions or recommendations are welcome.


    2010 - 11.27

    One of my favourite SNL skits ever…find the whole thing if you can… :) –Karin

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