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    Shaw EXO vs. Telus Optik

    2012 - 07.09

    Considering making the change either to Shaw EXO or Telus Optik, just wondering if anyone has any arguments for or against one or the other of them.  I haven’t gone and done any of the research on our options yet (beyond knowing that both are available to us).

    So I guess the questions are:

    1. are you happy with what you’ve got? if not, why?
    2. if you had the choice to make over again would you make a different one? if so, why?
    3. did you get a great deal when you upgraded/switched?
    4. anything else you think is relevant?


    Dad’s on Facebook?

    2012 - 06.21

    Just kidding, of course dad isn’t on Facebook, that would just be weird.  According to my totally unscientific survey — which really consisted of me consulting with my gut — father’s of my generation (e.g. my father, not the father’s who are members of my generation but rather the fathers of the members of my generation) are one of the most under-represented groups on Facebook (at least of frequent computer users).

    Does this jive with your experience?  Is your father on Facebook?

    Passion for Pork

    2012 - 06.11

    Seems like a bit of a strange site to me, and not somewhere that I would normally think to look for something potentially awesome.  Found this gem through a link associated with Hats Off Day.

    So what makes this website special?  Well it includes some recipes – which admittedly isn’t odd – that are from local restaurants – again not odd – in particular Memphis Blues.

    “Wait, what!?!?  Did you say Memphis Blues?  Home of the meat sweats?”

    “Yes, I did!”

    So here’s some links to some Memphis Blues recipes… of course if you try these because of the links, you have to at least save me some left overs…

    Just because I still can’t eat solid food doesn’t mean I can’t be thinking about it…

    Now this is just cool: QR “Art”?

    2012 - 06.03

    I think I found this one because of a tweet, but it could have been Facebook.  Regardless I thought these were kinda cool, and if nothing else some interesting out of the box thinking.

    In Seoul, retailer uses 3D QR codes and the sun to deliver discounts only during its quiet times

    You can read the article for more details, but essentially it’s a combination sundial, modern art, QR code.

    I’m actually most impressed by the fact that it only works for an hour a day.  I suppose though that might not have been the hard part, not knowing enough about how sensitive QR codes are and such, it seems impressive, but it might have been harder to make a sculpture that worked for a longer period of time.  When you don’t know enough about something, you don’t know if it’s actually hard, or just seems like it should have been.

    Regardless it’s kinda neat.


    Oldies But Goddies at Gog.com

    2012 - 05.30

    I’ve been to gog.com before, but not in a while, and I think every time I discover it I try to forget about it because I see how much money and time I could spend there, or on their products.  But talking about Space Quest 7 got me thinking about these older games again, and they have some real gems, and they are priced for the most part at $5.99 or $9.99 USD.  In most cases the games will run on Windows 7 (at least of the ones I looked at), but it tells you right on the site what OSes they work on, but typically there’s more variety and support than the original version of the game, and if not, it’s still cheaper than the original release price.  Here’s some examples of some gems on the site:

    There are more, but those are some of my favourites, there’s many games on the site that either I never got around to finishing, or I didn’t get a chance to play the first time around.  Definitely worth taking a look.



    2012 - 05.27

    I know it seems like it’s just a random hashtag, but it has a purpose.  Kristen Bell – who we fell in love with as Veronica Mars and further enjoyed as Jeannie in House of Lies and other roles in between – is trying to help motivate her Twitter followers to try to do 30 workouts in 30 days, where everything except golf counts as a workout.

    So it’s just one of those random motivational challenges.  We both started on Friday, although because Karin had Zumba at school on Thursday she’s actually a day ahead of me.

    Anyway, if anyone else wants to join the challenge you’re welcome to.  As noted above it’s not supposed to be difficult necessarily it’s just about consciously doing some sort of workout every day for 30 days.  It’s all about the good habits.

    Wish us luck.

    Space Quest 7?

    2012 - 05.26

    Found this yesterday on Kickstarter:
    Two Guys SpaceVenture – by the creators of Space Quest

    Basically it’s a potential game by the creators of the Space Quest series, and it’s going to be an adventure game. I very much miss those types of games!

    They’ve got 16 days left to try to raise their $500,000 goal, but they’ve got $233,381 committed by 4,487 people so far.

    Hope they make it because I’d like to see more of those types of games…


    Disposable Clothing on the way?

    2012 - 05.24

    I was reading this article today about the fees that some airlines are charging for checked bags, or in some cases carry-ons.

    It’s not like I’m a frequent flyer or anything, but as these fees continue to rise it does open up some other possibilities.  It’s not uncommon in some science fiction stories to feature disposable clothing, or paper clothing.

    As far as I know no one is currently serving this market, or otherwise renting clothing or anything like that.  Now the baggage fees aren’t probably quite to the point that people would seriously consider it, but still it looks as though we might get there sooner rather than later.

    Might serve as writing prompt for someone who’s writing something in a near future era…

    That’s why we have Canada

    2012 - 03.25

    I don’t want to live in a country where no one ever says anything that offends anyone, that’s why we have Canada.” – Bill Maher

    Made me laugh.  Which he then followed up with a bit about Mitt Romney being the “least interesting man in the world” a counterpoint to Dos Equis advertising campaign featuring “the most interesting man in the world”.  The quote is at about the 2:12 mark of the video:

    Wireless Access

    2012 - 03.06

    Last week we had a bit of an internet outage, called in to troubleshoot it, and just after they had me do the factory reset it came up that there was a network outage on there end.  Lucky me, I got to reconfigure our wireless network.

    On the bright side I got to reconfigure our wireless network, so I changed a bunch of things.  So if you’ve got a wireless device that was previously paired with our wireless network, you’ll need to set it up again next time you’re over, just an FYI.