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    Long Distance Quest

    2011 - 08.04

    Talked to Karin today, which was nice.  Looks like I’ve got a bachelor pad until late next week, which means… hmmm… don’t really know what it means.  I guess it means that for the next week all the mess is my fault…  I don’t like that, so I’ll have to clean.  I think she tricked me somehow.

    Oma has requested a picture of Karin and I, both of us together, so I now get to look through our photos and see what we’ve got.  Since we’re usually behind the lens there won’t be huge amounts.  So if you think you’ve got a good candidate shot send it our way.  I think that Karin’s intending to have it printed in Edmonton while she’s there, so the sooner the better.

    If you accept this quest, you too can spend much time looking at pictures, your reward: many of them will have Karin in them.

    Putting away leftovers

    2011 - 03.28

    Last night, lying in bed I asked Karin “Did you remember to put your chicken in the fridge?”  You see she had gotten full and hadn’t finished all of her dinner, and putting away leftovers is not necessarily something she always remembers to do (usually in a cute sort of way).  Anyway, yesterday she had remembered to put it away, which was good, but then came the disclaimer: “But it’s on top of your juice so be careful.”

    You see, she had put it into the fridge on the plate she had been using for dinner, but had not covered it with anything.  That’s a big no-no from my perspective, although I suppose not everyone shares that opinion.  Anyway, so I got out of bed to put the chicken into a container, and to take the plate out of the fridge.  I open the fridge, and laugh, “Karin you left your knife on the plate”, I observe as I reach for the plate.

    “I know, and the fork too, to save time.”

    I laugh again, and put the chicken in a suitable container and add the cutlery and plate to the dishwasher.

    * this story is mostly true, quotes are probably in truth paraphrases of the actual conversation.

    DVD Collection Reduced…

    2011 - 01.21

    So between the two of us we have way too many DVDs, that’s an exact number by the way.  Today in an effort to tidy them up, they were replaced on their shelves, and generally tidied.  At the same time duplicates were removed from the collection, along with a few duds, movies that either didn’t live up to expectations or were purchased from a bargain bin in a moment of weakness.  Not really sure what to do with the DVDs, although stores still sell them, it’s hard to imagine that used DVDs have much in the way of value, especially if you’re trying to sell them to someone else who’s going to resell them.  Probably better and easier to donate them to a charity and trust that the karma points will offset any material gain which would otherwise have been realized.  Of course it’s the material aspect that gets you in to this trouble in the first place, if you didn’t buy or collect things, well does anyone actually live in that universe?

    In order to protect the innocent and us, I won’t reveal which are duds and which are duplicates (but feel free to speculate in the comments):

    Speak up if something catches your eye, but do it quickly as they’re out the door as soon as we figure out where they’re going.


    2011 - 01.17

    We’ve been working on decluttering it seems like forever now, but I guess in truth it is a constant process.  The area which we fall down on most often is the actually getting things out of the house.  We’ve got stuff that we’re ready to get rid of, it’s just a matter of actually taking it somewhere else, and unfortunately most of those places aren’t open 24 hours, or in fact really normal hours at all, so there’s this awkward lack of coordination between the motivation to deal with it and the opportunity to do so.

    Did a little work on one of our bookcases today, and took a couple of books off of it, so if anyone is interested in these books, speak now.

    Spook Country, William Gibson.  The book’s okay, and has a local connection (a portion of the book takes place in the lower mainland), but overall it wasn’t his strongest effort by far, and the way in which the narrative jumped around prevented it from developing any real flow.

    Blood Noir, Laurell K. Hamilton.  To be honest, beyond having read it, I don’t remember anything specifically about the book.  Although I do continue to read the Anita Blake series of novels (and there has been improvement lately), the first 5 or so novels are by far the most compelling.  Some of the more recent books have seen more of a return to that earlier form/style.  I suppose the problem is that even in the books which don’t necessarily live up to that earlier high standard do manage to involve many (but certainly not all) of the cast of characters, and do advance the shared universe to some degree, and as such if you got sucked in by the earliest novels, it’s hard not to want to know what’s happening to everyone still.  But as you can see, the book is not good enough to merit a place on our book shelves, which we’re trying to make an increasingly rare honour.

    Additional note on Spook Country is that it seems as though some of the characters from the novel appear in his next novel Zero History… so if you were intending to read the complete works of William Gibson, you’d need to read it.