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    Report Cards and Procrastination

    2016 - 06.15

    David left the Cowbels website open on the laptop, and I’m currently doing report cards, hence the procrastination…

    We’ve moved! We’re in our house now, surrounded by (significantly fewer, but still a crazy amount of) boxes. :) Our location is spectacular. We’re within walking distance of at least 4 playgrounds, a pool, a farmer’s market, a place to watch lacrosse, a library… Nadia keeps asking to go for walks, and so far we’ve managed to get her out on a couple of evening walks this week, plus I’ve walked to the farmer’s market both weekends we’ve been here, once with Nadia, and once alone (LUXURY).

    Packing Superstar!

    2016 - 05.25

    This weekend, Karin was a packing superstar, labelling tens of boxes and purging like a rockstar! Thanks to her efforts we have at least 6 fewer carloads worth of stuff that will be coming with us to the new house. That’s AMAZING!

    One thing we have learned…

    2013 - 01.06

    After the move one of the things that we noticed was how much better our TV looked, and it’s definitely something we’ve appreciated while we’ve been sick.  There hasn’t been a lot of anything other than watching TV over the last week.

    Back in the old place we had lots of windows and relatively normal blinds which do a crappy job of keeping the light out.  Coupled with having the TV on the fireplace mantel, giving a less optimal viewing angle and I don’t think we fully appreciated how good our TV looked until now.  Proper viewing height and a blackout shade make a huge difference to the viewing experience.

    I think we always knew that we weren’t getting the most out of our viewing experience, but didn’t fully appreciate how much of a difference it can make.  So if your HDTV is somewhere with a less than optimal viewing angle, or where there’s too much uncontrolled light, try it somewhere else and see what a difference it can make.

    Garbage Day Tomorrow

    2013 - 01.01

    Definitely one of the things that we’re going to have to adapt to in the short term after our move is living in a house and not in a multi-family dwelling.  In practical terms that means that we need to take the garbage and recycling out on a particular day instead of whenever we want to the garbage/recycling room.  It also means that we get to do food scraps which is something which hadn’t made it to the multi-family dwellings yet.

    Realistically this is going to be one of the biggest things that we’ll actually need to adapt to.  There’s all sorts of other changes, but the vast majority of them don’t have a schedule that needs to be followed, and so are more forgiving.

    Still Unpacking…

    2012 - 12.11

    So the unpacking is progressing, although slowly, things are really starting to come together a lot more now.

    • our computers are up and running,
    • our phones are hooked up and where we think we want them,
    • new shower rod in the en-suite,
    • Christmas lights are up
    • new lamp in the living room
    • laundry done
    • kitchen cabinets filling

    Probably another week or so of major work to do, with ongoing smaller changes especially as we assemble a room for The Passenger, but it’s enough together that people are welcome to come over and check out the new digs.  So give us a shout if you want to stop by.

    We’ve Moved!

    2012 - 12.07

    Some people are already aware of this, in truth just about everyone who might stumble across this already knows that we’ve moved, but on the off-chance that you missed it: we moved.

    We don’t normally talk a lot about where we live, for obvious Internet reasons, but we’re still in Burnaby, and are now in a 3-bedroom upper level of a house w/ two car garage.  It’s a significant upgrade in a lot of ways from our 2-bedroom condo.  The most obvious one beyond the extra bedroom is the extra 520 square feet of space (which makes it 59% larger); additionally it’s cheaper.  We did take a step back in the age department with this place being about 20 years older than where we were, but so far the extra size is making up for it completely.

    We’re still unpacking and probably will be for a while yet, the current task is putting drawer and cabinet liners in the assorted places in the kitchen, before loading up all the cupboards.  You’ll probably see some more housing related updates in the coming weeks, but no promises.

    Moving: recommendations wanted

    2012 - 11.13

    So we’re moving at the end of the month from a 2 bedroom condo, 880 sqft, on the 16th floor to a 1,400 sqft upper level suite.  So we have elevators at one end and stairs at the other.  We have too much stuff (and we’re working on that), but if anyone has recommendations or experiences that they can share (positive or negative) it would be appreciated.  Specifically about:

    • movers, to use or not to use
    • rental trucks, good or bad
    • frog boxes or other moving boxes/supplies
    • cleaners and/or rug shampooers
    • anything else that you think might be important that we might not have thought of

    The total distance for the move is about 5km, but it might be the case that we have to be out on Nov 30th and can’t be in until Dec 1st.

    Doing My Part

    2012 - 11.12

    In prep for moving, we’re decluttering. I’m doing my part by going through the myriad of bath products we have on hand and using them up. Yeah, pretty much daily baths…talk about taking one for the team. ;)

    In other moving news, we’ve looked at 12 places, short-listed six and have two more to look at today, then will make our decision this afternoon. We’ve got one strong front runner, but there were a LOT of people interested so fingers crossed…


    2012 - 11.06

    We’re planning to move on December 1st. We’ve both been very comfortable and happy where we live now (a two bedroom condo) but with The Passenger on the way, we want to try and find something larger and cheaper (we’ve heard a rumour that babies sometimes need “stuff”). It’s tricky because between the two of us, we’ve only moved three times…and I don’t really count the time my parents moved me when I was eight months old.

    Staying in one place for a really long time (27 and 29 years for Dave and my first houses, then five years here) means that a lot of stuff gets accumulated. It doesn’t help that we both have hobbies that require a lot of stuff to do them. We’re also both bookworms and have many, MANY books, not to mention DVDs, kitchen things, clothes, video games and computer equipment.

    Our somewhat excessive Costco habit doesn’t help. :/

    It’s time to start purging, even though we’re planning to have a larger place. With luck, we’ll get rid of half of our belongings (eek…) and have a much easier move and a fresh start in our new place.


    2012 - 11.03

    We’ve officially given our notice and are actively looking for a new place to live for December 1st. Yikes. Anyone want to come over and help us move? Or pack? Or both?

    I’m going to be eight months (36 weeks) pregnant on moving day…at least I’ll have an excuse to not carry boxes around!

    (and hopefully The Passenger decides to arrive AFTER we’ve gotten settled, and at least partly unpacked!)

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