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    Road Trip-Day 2

    2011 - 08.03

    We got up around nine, had breakfast compliments of the hotel and headed to my aunt and uncle’s place. Like last time, we managed to intersect my cousin from Oklahoma and got to see all of the cousins from Edmonton. It was fun! Everyone is super nice and we had great conversations, spending more time than we meant to, haha. No problem. :) I also got to see/meet my second cousins once removed and hang out with them. One of them is the same age as my class, a crazy fun age, and it was nice to hang out with a nine year old when it wasn’t my job to be the disciplinarian.

    Lunch was eaten, pictures were taken, goodbyes were said and we were on the road by around 2 to visit my uncle’s amazing pet store. It’s the largest private pet store in Canada and it’s completely gorgeous. Pictures WILL be posted on Flickr when I get home, but there are some up under my other Alberta road trip from the old, smaller store.

    We left Calgary around 3, had dinner in Red Deer around 5 and got to Edmonton around 7. We unpacked, had second dinner, visited for a bit and now are unwinding, in bed by 9 pm local time. Phoooof! Worn out and thrilled to see Oma. :)

    Road Trip: Day 1

    2011 - 08.02

    Mom and I left around 930, pretty good since our goal was 900. We fueled up and headed for Hwy 1. I drove until we got to the defunct Coquihalla toll bridge, then Mom drove to Golden and I brought us into Calgary. We stopped for gas in Revelstoke, got Tim Horton Ice Capps in Kamloops and decided the lines were too long for Ice Caps in Revelstoke and Golden. Despite all the signs, we saw no deer, moose, elk or bears along the highway. Photos were taken, snack mix was eaten and we pulled into Calgary nearly 12 hours to the minute after leaving in the morning.

    Tomorrow is visiting with relatives and a drive up to Edmonton. :) Right now is sleepy time. I finally finished The Name of The Rose and am ready to sleep, despite the vast quantity of caffeine ingested during the drive.

    Here’s hoping I won’t see the lines on the road moving past when I close my eyes tonight. :)

    Road Trip: Day 0

    2011 - 08.01

    Day 0 starts off at around 1030 pm, arriving at my Mom and Dad’s place, the launching point for the first day. I’m not known for my punctuality, nor my ability to get up and be ready to face the day, so I figured it would be a good way to ensure an early start. Also, I live 20-45 minutes (traffic dependent) west of my parents…so I’ve already shaved off a chunk of travel time. Yay efficiency!

    So I’m now in my old, old upstairs bedroom (I moved into the basement suite when I was 16) because I didn’t want to brave the spiders for the night, even if it is ten degrees cooler down there. I’ve lost my nonchalant * attitude about them.

    The GAH list: I forgot my pajamas. I ALWAYS forget my pajamas! And I forgot the beads I was going to use to upgrade my Oma’s necklace I made her ages ago. And technically I didn’t forget my tatting stuff (lacemaking) because I could have sworn I hadn’t moved it home yet and thought it was still here. The books are here, so I might have to buy a shuttle and some thread in Edmonton. Woo! Craft store with no sales tax!!

    Speaking of no sales tax, I’m in the market for an e-book reader and want feedback on which to buy. I’m leaning toward the Kobo but only if I can read Kindle books on it. Maybe if I decide while I’m in Alberta, I’ll get one for that little bit cheaper.

    Signing off. Have a good night everyone!

    * nonchalant: adj. 1) calmness, coolness in the face of flippin’ enormous spiders. 2) The ability to kill spiders with only a small amount of screaming like a little girl. 3) The ability to call someone from across town to get the one on the ceiling. 4) The ability to sleep upstairs on the couch when it went under the bed and is completely unfindable.