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    Deep Fried Mars Bar

    2012 - 07.08

    Last night went a little different than I expected, after a stop at Greek Fest for baclava (sorry it’s over now, if you didn’t go) I managed to end up at The Rumpus Room*.

    As part of that adventure a deep fried Mars bar was ordered… it however was forgotten until we were ready to leave at which point it appeared.  Just to be clear, I didn’t order it, but I did try it.  I’m going to say that I didn’t like this particular one, but I could imagine possibly enjoying a different implementation.

    For me the problem was the batter, it was overpowering, but it wasn’t overpowering because it was a regular fish and chips beer batter or something.  Instead it appeared to be a specially crafted dessert batter, which in other circumstances might have been delicious.  In this case however, I felt that the cinnamon in the batter overpowered the taste of the Mars bar, which in my mind at least defeats the purpose of the dish.

    Regardless it was an interesting night.  So have you tried the deep fried Mars bar before?  Did you like it?  Where’s the best place in Vancouver to have one?


    * Only way to keep the long story short is to pretend that there was a chapter break, and that no further explanation of the shananigans was required.

    Passion for Pork

    2012 - 06.11

    Seems like a bit of a strange site to me, and not somewhere that I would normally think to look for something potentially awesome.  Found this gem through a link associated with Hats Off Day.

    So what makes this website special?  Well it includes some recipes – which admittedly isn’t odd – that are from local restaurants – again not odd – in particular Memphis Blues.

    “Wait, what!?!?  Did you say Memphis Blues?  Home of the meat sweats?”

    “Yes, I did!”

    So here’s some links to some Memphis Blues recipes… of course if you try these because of the links, you have to at least save me some left overs…

    Just because I still can’t eat solid food doesn’t mean I can’t be thinking about it…

    Dr. Pepper Glaze

    2012 - 06.10

    One of the things that I’m realizing going through the recovery from the wisdom teeth removal is that I’m not a big fan of liquid or soft foods in general.  That and the fact that I have a note that recommends Slurpees and Milk Shakes while the June weather is totally not cooperating doesn’t help either.

    One of the things that I’m looking forward to trying once I’m back on solid foods is a Dr. Pepper Glaze that they shared on Facebook.  To be honest I’m not familiar with all the spices in the recipe.

    The actual biggest complaint that I have about the recipe though is that it’s presented as an image (probably necessary), but that the reference to it’s source is too small.  So here’s the actual source link: http://www.restlesschipotle.com/2011/03/dr-pepper-glaze-for-chicken-ham-or-pork/

    And to be honest the little story that goes along with the recipe makes it much more interesting.

    Anyone else want to give it a try?

    MADD Virgin

    2012 - 06.01

    Was at Save-on the other day and saw something a little unexpected: MADD Beer and Wine.  Both are non-alcoholic, which of course you knew because otherwise they wouldn’t have been in the grocery store… but still it’s interesting.

    So they have a white and a red wine; bubbly, mulled wine and sangria specialty wines; margarita and mojito cocktails; Brut (Champagne) coming soon.  That and if I remember correctly it was a lime beer which I saw on the shelf (but not on the website).

    It’s interesting in concept and execution, also 10% of the net sales go to MADD Canada.  Nice to see a charity doing something other than a run/walk to raise money, and in something that aligns so well with their mission.

    My guess is that since these are all virgin beverages, but which are supposed to mimic the alcoholic version that I myself would not actually be interested in them.  That said, they seem like a good idea, and could work for people trying to cut back, or be designated drivers, or I suppose perhaps even pregnant women (I assume it’s only the alcohol that they are supposed to be worried about, but I don’t know that).

    Anyway, if anyone does try them out, let us know if they are any good.

    p.s. they were on sale at Save-0n while I was there…

    Wisdom Teeth: Food Suggestions?

    2012 - 05.28

    Meant to ask about this in the last post, but I’m also looking for suggestions or recommendations for liquid food and semi-solid food which are part of the post-removal diet for a few days at least.

    Cherry Lime Flip

    2012 - 03.11

    I used to go Red Robin on a fairly regular basis. My usual go-to drink has changed a couple of times. Originally it was a Cookie Magic: a boozy Oreo milkshake or a Rookie Magic: a non-boozy Oreo milkshake. I quite like their Freckled Lemonade: sweetened frozen strawberries in lemonade, and when they started offering it as a bottomless drink, that was pretty freaking awesome. They have a couple other bottomless mocktails and on Friday (as a reward for working on my classroom) Dave and I went to Red Robin for a dinner break. I tried the Cherry Lime Flip and it was pretty tasty.

    We had some of the ingredients already (grenadine and maraschino cherries in juice) and picked up the others today (limes for juice and Sprite or 7Up). I’m drinking it now, while watching some Alcatraz and my concoction is pretty tasty! (ooh…that was kinda gruesome…and I’m drinking a red drink. Glad I’m not that squeamish!)


    Busy Day

    2012 - 03.09

    We both had quite the full day today.  I met Karin after school and we did some organizing of her classroom so that it’ll be more pleasant to come back to after spring break!  Karin did most of the work, but I got most of the checkmarks (maintaining the to do list has it’s advantages).  We dealt with a lot of stuff, and I think that she’s going to be really happy when she walks in on that Monday morning 17 days from now.  I think we dealt with 5 boxes and two aquariums.

    We took a break and had dinner at Red Robin, dinner was nice although they seemed a little understaffed.

    We then made a quick trip over to Ikea to see if we could pick up some extra shelf pins for the Ivar shelves that Karin has in her classroom.  They didn’t have any in the spare parts vending machine, so we looked around a bit then took a number to ask if they had any extra ones that we could buy.  They gave us the 20 pins that we needed no charge.  So that was nice.  Thanks to the nice lady at the returns/exchanges desk.

    Back to the school to finish putting the shelves together and deal with a few more things.  Then finally heading home.

    Oh, also finished the first phase of the eSub System for Abandoned Towers (subject to Karin’s final acceptance testing) which allows for contest submissions.

    Crunchy Top Brownies

    2012 - 03.01

    Hmmm, don’t know if this is true or not, but I do know that I’ve personally had conversations with people about brownies (I like brownies, got a problem with that?) and how they got the top on the brownies.  Personally I don’t think that I’ve ever called it a “crust”, but I suppose that’s what it really is.

    Anyway, the article “Perfectly Sweet: How to Get a Crunchy Top on Brownies” has an explanation on why it happens and how to emphasize it should you want to.

    This may require some testing, I volunteer to try your brownies to see if they measure up, so get cooking ;-)

    Eat dessert for breakfast to lose weight, says study – Weight Management

    2012 - 02.29

    Not really that important, and really who trusts “studies” any more anyway, unless of course they give you an answer you want to hear!

    You mean I can continue my debauchery and it will make me healthier?  Of course that study is accurate.

    What you mean I need to make a “lifestyle change” in order to live long and prosper?  What kind of phony science are these guys doing there?

    Anyway, this study got me because it’s talking about breakfast and has a picture of a giant piece of chocolate cake (which happens to have historically been a favourite breakfast item of my mother, probably still is).

    Eat dessert for breakfast to lose weight, says study – Weight Management.

    Beef Jerky Party?

    2012 - 02.27

    A friend has recently posted a recipe for Beef Jerky, and it sounds like it could be delicious.  It could be a good addition to a games night…

    Never Buy Beef Jerky Again

    I wanted to share this amazingly easy, healthy, and unbelievably delicious homemade beef jerky recipe I made the other day. MrsTemple found the recipe in magazine. Despite its suspiciously ‘health-conscious’ approach, the mag is surprisingly full of delicious recipes. I’d recommend it, as it is for food-lovers, not weight-losers. Spicy


    Another possible meaty treat appropriate for a games night is “Pig Candy” which we saw on a Saturday morning cooking program Food for Thought:

    Pig Candy

    As one of our friends famously said:

    “Bacon is the Candy of meats!”


    But with all this food, we might need to have a cooking night before we can have a games night… anyone want to help?

    It even looks like the recipes could be glutton free (and otherwise avoid other allergies and aversions).