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    Random Synapses – revived

    2011 - 01.11

    Not that this is really important, given that we have no readers, but since I believe in user friendliness an announcement seemed in order.  Karin has largely been absent in terms of new posts over here, that’s mostly because she has her own place to post should she choose to, and given that we haven’t really defined what this site is, well it’s hard to determine if any individual random post belongs here or there.

    Going back a few years Karin had a blog “Random Synapses” (http://starsgone.blogspot.com/), well as a bit of an early Christmas present for her, I registered randomsynapses.ca where she has once again started blogging, mostly about her 100 book challenge.  It is those two things which in truth explain why she hasn’t been posting her much, she has her own blog and she’s busy trying to complete her 100 book challenge.

    In fact she has just gone to the library (Burnaby Public Library) to pick up some 17 books which are on hold for her… somehow I don’t think she’s going to be able to read them all without renewing (28 days is the loan period), but I don’t think it will stop her from trying.

    100 Book Challenge

    2011 - 01.09

    So Karin’s got a list of currently 89 books which she is going to try to read this year, inspired by the Facebook Meme of the alleged list of 100 books that the BBC allegedly claimed the average person would have read 6 or fewer.  Turns out that the list wasn’t generated by the BBC, but rather by The Guardian on World Book Day 2007 instead, and of course no such claim about how many the average person had read was made.

    The doing it all in a year thing was inspired by Julie & Julia (2009), which we watched previously and enjoyed.  Not a criteria I advocated for, but one which is well within her ability to accomplish, she’s quite the speed reader.  In the first 9 days of the year, she’s already managed to read 5 books, and started the 6th.  I’ve read two, and have started a third, although the books I’ve read aren’t on her list.

    She’s inviting everyone to join with her in the challenge, so feel free to take her up on it.  If you want to follow her progress more closely, she’s updating her Facebook profile with details, she tweets about it, but the authorized source would be her blog: randomsynapses.ca

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