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    2012 - 05.26

    It’s past time that we updated the little About Us page, eh?  It’s only been 18 months since we first posted it.  Nothing’s happened since then certainly…

    So who are the “Cowbels“?  David Cowley and Karin Abel, who met way back in May of 2002 at SFU in an intersession Canadian Studies class.

    Since that time all sorts of things have happened which we’re not going to get into here.  That said we’ll give some of our highlights:

    • Fall 2005: David took over Burnaby Ultimate & Disc Sports as coordinator
    • Summer 2008: David played GUTS on Team Canada in the World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC) hosted in Vancouver
    • Summer 2011: Karin had a story accepted into the Augmented Reality anthology: “Mirror Shards
    • Sep 2011: Karin took third place in the Burnaby Writers’ Society annual writing contest with a poem
    • Oct 2011: Karin took over as the Managing Editor of Abandoned Towers an on-line magazine
    • Feb 2012Abandoned Towers relaunched a redesigned website
    • Dec 2012: moved to a bigger place
    • Jan 2013: Nadia is born


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