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    2014 - 01.20

    Nadia is now one year old, which feels like quite the accomplishment as a parent.  There must have only been about an infinite number of opportunities for her to die in her first year, but she didn’t even come remotely close.  Bully for us.

    We didn’t put undue pressure on ourselves with her birthday, not trying to accomplish “the perfect” birthday and I think that worked really well for us.  We did a small family party on her actual birthday and then a larger everyone welcome party on the weekend.  Both events went smoothly and Nadia really seemed to enjoy herself.


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    1. Karin says:

      I think that the main job of parents for the first two or three years is preventing kids from the myriad of ways that they find to off themselves. Considering I’ve got a lousy track record of houseplants, and an ok one with pets, I think we did ok! :)

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