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    Christmas Card?

    2013 - 11.19

    We haven’t in the past sent out Christmas cards.  We’re thinking about doing it this year.  Mostly because of Nadia.  So, are people actually interested in getting or exchanging Christmas cards or is that something that our generation doesn’t do?

    If you’re interested in getting one, let us know and make sure we have your current address.

    Month 9 Letter (Sept 15-Oct 15)

    2013 - 11.06

    Dear Nadia,

    You continue to be quite a little charmer! Smiles for everyone, reaching out to me and your dad and your grandparents to be held, waving hello and goodbye! I love watching you interact with the world. Whenever we’re out, people compliment you on a few things: your big blue eyes, your giant smile and how sweetly you behave. We’re so lucky with you…I can’t believe how fortunate we’ve been with such a chill kid. The only things we really have to complain about are you not being interested in solid food (which has been thoroughly solved!) and not sleeping through the night (which I’ll tell you about in a little while).

    You’ve begun to have really good object permanence. It used to be that we could hide something and you’d know it was there, or we would go into a different room and you would watch for a few moments after we disappeared, but now you have a strong memory of where something is supposed to be. For example, if Dad has gone out, you will stand on the couch and look toward the door even after you’ve gone to do something else, and when you hear the key in the lock you get really excited. Also, when you’re hungry, you’ll come up to me and start grabbing at my shirt.

    I’m constantly amazed by your ability to find the single solitary not-toy in the entire room. You can be surrounded by stuffies, balls, books, toys that beep, rattles, etc. and you will make a beeline to the sock that fell off the laundry basket when we were folding clothes. Or my purse. Or the empty pop bottle we haven’t taken to the kitchen yet. You’re also immediately drawn to the most dangerous thing around. Cords. A mug of hot tea. Electrical outlets. The sharp, stone corner of the fireplace. It’s amazing how perceptive you can be when it comes to stuff that can injure you; I wish you would use your powers for good. :/ It doesn’t help that it seems like you grow an inch overnight sometimes. Your arm length (or as I call it, your wingspan) is super long and you can reach things that I’m positive are way out of your range. You enjoy proving me wrong.

    Teeth number seven and eight have now come in. You have four teeth on top and four on the bottom. Thank you for not biting me nearly as often when we’re nursing. For a while, I was thinking I was going to have to wean you!

    Things you’ve learned to do this month

    • you can now go from your hands and knees to sitting up by yourself. I love that you can do that because it means that you can move to a spot on the floor by a toy and sit up to start playing by yourself.
    • you’ve started clapping! It’s super cute and you love when you clap and everyone else does it back at you.
    • you can use a sippy cup! The ones with the handles are pretty easy for you now, and you mostly don’t drown yourself when you drink your water out of them, which is nice for all of us. We mostly stick with water in your cup and you only get a little bit of it when you’re having a meal.
    • sign language you use: more (clapping), dog. You used to sign “change” and “milk” but your Dad and I got kind of lazy and stopped signing to you as much, so you have forgotten those signs for now.

    I promised I’d talk about your sleeping habits. Well…you kind of don’t have many. When you were 2 months old, you started sleeping about 8 hours straight, and I was smug. Ohhhhh how I was smug. Then, around 4 months (not so coincidentally, around the time you started teething) your sleep-through-the-night habit vanished. Poof. Completely shot. You basically wake up every 2-3 hours all night, every night. We try different things, but nothing seems to keep you asleep. The thing we’re really thankful for though is that when you’re awake, you’re still pretty happy. You have the “MOM AND DAD COME AND GET ME NOOOOWWWWWWW!” yell, but once we’re there, you’re all, “Hey guys, good to see you. Could I get some milk? Maybe a snuggle? Oh, and I can’t find my soother either. Little help?” and then you go back to sleep for another couple hours. Our goal over the next few months is to teach you how to fall back asleep on your own and get you on a bit more of a schedule so that you take a few naps, sleep well at night and get up reasonably early.

    Your Dad started a disc golf retail business this month! So far it’s been going pretty well. You like to visit him in the garage and check out the colourful discs and help him do inventory. You also like going to the disc golf courses when he’s selling and seeing all of the people.

    You had your first Thanksgiving dinners this month, so you tried pretty much everything! Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, Brussell sprouts, potatoes, other veggies…you loved it all! And the thing I’m most thankful for this year is what I’ve been thankful for the last 9 months…a healthy, happy, curious little baby.


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