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    Flickr uploads

    2013 - 10.18

    Not something that was on my To Do list while Karin and Nadia are in Edmonton, but it’s been happening anyway.  Catching up on some of the photos that I should have already uploaded to Flickr.  Karin’s much better at keeping Flickr up to date than I am.

    Anyway, as a reminder when we upload photos that include Nadia we restrict them to people who are designated as Friends or Family on Flickr, which means you need to have a free Flickr account, and then get us to add you as a Friend or Family.  So if you’re interested in seeing any of those pictures, let us know.

    And if your Flickr account doesn’t include your real name, send us an email letting us know it’s you.

    On Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/randomsynapses/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/dcowley/

    Metric Ton of Ginger?

    2013 - 10.16

    Not everyone may know that I’ve started a Disc Golf business (retail), but I have.  As part of that I’m learning about the world of import/export and international trade.  To go with the whole international trade thing I’ve been using the website alibaba.com

    Just like Costco, you can find things which are pretty hilarious on the website.  For example:


    Fresh Ginger in Jinxiang China

    US$ 600.00 / Metric Ton  (seems like it could be a good price… for people who like ginger), here’s the kicker though:

    Minimum Order: 24 Metric Tons!


    That’s right, you too could own 24,000 KG of ginger for the low low price of US$14,400…

    Month 8 Letter (Aug 15-Sept 15)

    2013 - 10.15

    Dear Nadia,

    I know that this is the year that you change and learn the most, so it shouldn’t surprise me with all the new things that you do each month, but it absolutely blows my mind to see you achieving all of these different things!

    You’re crawling around like crazy now, cruising along furniture after you’ve pulled yourself up and lowering yourself back to the ground after standing. You’re even crawling up a ramp your Dad set up against the couch to get up onto the couch to join us. You love your Jolly Jumper and your Baby Einstein activity centre and will play in them for quite a while.

    You now have 7 teeth, and use them quite well on different kinds of food. You decided early on that you were not a fan of purees, and to be honest I can’t really blame you. Just for fun, your Aunt Jen and I let you taste a whole peach, thinking you would lick the fuzzy peel and then ignore it. You had other ideas!! She was holding both you and the peach, and you grabbed her hand and held the peach to your mouth and started slurping and chewing at it until you ate about a quarter of it. I was pretty excited because this was one of the first times you really seemed to enjoy food other than milk. Other things you ate this month: Rice, oatmeal, cheerios, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, string cheese, blackberries, apricots, plums, yogurt, grapes, butternut squash and mushrooms. You liked all of those things, as long as they weren’t too mushy. Grandma made you some applesauce and you LOVED that. You ate sweet potato puree, but usually only if you were pretty hungry. You were kind of hit and miss with squash. You wouldn’t eat it at all for me unless I spread it on a Cheerio, you would eat it for Oma, but only if there was applesauce disguising it, and you ate an entire bowlful just plain with Aunt Jen. YOU ARE A VERY CONFUSING BABY. You tried the blackberries at Robert Burnaby Park while Dad was running the Ace Race this year and you loved them. I was breaking them up with my fingers so you wouldn’t choke and you kept biting me to try and get the juice off faster. You also are completely enamoured with grapes. We bought some Coronation grapes and I would feed them (cut up) to you by hand while you stood beside my chair. If I wasn’t fast enough, or if I had the nerve to try and eat one myself, you’d yell at me!

    You had some exciting visitors this month! My cousins A, B and Z were in town with my aunt and you got to do so many fun things with them. We all went to the aquarium. You really enjoyed looking at the jellyfish and the colourful fish. You were in the underwater beluga viewing area and thought that was pretty amazing. There was an adorable porpoise who was fascinated with you and vice versa. You weren’t super interested in the stuff above ground, but you liked being worn by your cousins.

    You also went to the PNE for the first time. Uncle Rob, Aunt Munira and Z were there and you were so interested in everything around. There was MUSIC and LIGHTS and PEOPLE and SO MANY THINGS! We went to see the Superdogs show and you were signing “dog” down at them and waving. It was pretty amazing. You wanted to eat all the food that we were eating, but at that time you had only eaten peas and carrots, so no cotton candy, corn dogs or giant fountain pop for you. Sorry! You also didn’t get to play any midway games, or go on rides, but you had a lot of fun watching us do some of that. I’m pretty sure you want to go on all the rides next year. :)

    You, your Oma and I spent some time in my old classroom. I learned that I get to go back to the same school I was at when I was pregnant with you, but in a different class, so we were trying to pack it all up and have it be ready for other people to be in. You charmed everyone and loved to be held by all the different teachers. :)

    You went to watch Dad play Ultimate a few times, which you really like. It’s starting to get chilly though, so we’re making sure you’ve got lots of stuff to bundle you up in.

    Finally, Oma and I bought the fabric for your Halloween costume. It’s going to be super cute and I can’t wait to see you in it, even though that means that you will be an even bigger girl.

    Love you sweet baby,

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