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    Month 7 Letter (July 15-Aug 15)

    2013 - 09.14

    Dear Nadia,

    It’s been a busy time for all of us! You’ve been growing like crazy and we’ve put away almost all of your 3-6 month clothes. There are so many things that you have started doing that I’m not sure I can even list them all, but I’ll do my best.

    You’ve started getting very interested in what people are wearing, especially necklaces and earrings. I took all six of my earrings out because I noticed you had been eyeing them and I didn’t want to get yanked. You’ve also been grabbing at necklaces, and when we’re nursing you will hold and tug on my necklace, or if I’ve forgotten to put one on, you will touch the neckline of my shirt. You will also squeeze shirt fabric to see what the texture is like. This is pretty neat except when someone is wearing short sleeves and you wind up scritch-scratching them. You also like to touch people’s faces, especially mouths and eyes, and get very excited when people nibble or kiss your fingers.

    You’re getting so good at getting onto your hands and knees and rocking back and forth. You haven’t quite gotten to the point where I’m willing to admit that I have a crawler, but you’re OHSOCLOSE.  However, I cannot deny that you are a standing baby! You were kneeling beside the coffee table on August 10 and holding the edge (I cleared everything off it, and while I was congratulating myself on my childproofing, you bonked your head on the edge of it. Siiiiigh…) then you figured out how to get up to kneeling in your playpen on the morning of August 13, and THEN! You stood up in your playpen over at Oma and Grandad’s house. Oma and I got videos and pictures of it, and we were SO PROUD of you. :)

    Sometimes when I’m singing, you’ll start “ah ah ahhhh”-ing along with me, especially if it’s a song I sing to you a lot. :)

    We went to so many places this month! You and I took your Grandma to an impromptu visit to the Burnaby Village Museum. You were fascinated by all the people around, but your favourite display was the “Foley Sound” activity. It was a bunch of everyday items (like coconuts, springs and shredded plastic) that made sounds when you used them (horses, ray guns and walking in leaves). The sound effects were used by people who made radio plays. Oma and I also took you to Rocky Point Park to visit with some teachers Oma used to work with and I had Pajo’s fish and chips. Yum! We also took you for your passport photos, which you were a star for, and got your passport in the mail.

    You went to your first wedding! You wore a green dress for the ceremony, then changed into a purple suit with a bow tie and vest for the reception. You were pretty excited, and got to see so many people, including some of Dad’s family who live in Australia.

    This month was first food month. You and I and Oma went over to your Grand-Auntie’s house to make baby food with Lia and Erin. We made pears, apples, peas, carrots, yams (or sweet potatoes) and chicken. So far you’ve tried peas and…well…let’s just say that you weren’t that impressed. The very first food you “ate” (and I use the term very loosely haha) was a pea puree made from peas I grew in the garden. I thought it was fairly tasty, but you were very adamant that it wasn’t something you wanted, although I’m pretty sure the texture had a lot to do with that as well. The funny thing is that you were so against the peas, but when I brought you out into the garden to play, you thought that the grass and weeds were the tastiest thing ever! Maybe I should skip purees and just turn you loose into a field like a foal. :) You also tried carrots which you liked a little bit better, although considering how disgusted you were by the peas, that’s not really saying much.

    You worried your Oma and I a little bit when you started wheezing a little when you were upset. You don’t get upset very much for very long, so it was difficult to really hear it. We went to the doctor for your vaccinations, and he told us that it sounded like you were doing fine. Yay! At your vaccination appointment, you were 14 lb 3 oz, 26.75″ long and had a 17″ head, so all pretty normal. Just like we all knew, you’re tall and slender with a lot of brains. :)

    You’ve done this twice now…you got two more teeth the same week as your vaccinations, so you were kind of miserable for a few days. Of course, for you, that just means that you weren’t as quite smiley as you usually are, and a little more fussy in the evenings. You also got two more teeth a week after your 3rd and 4th teeth!

    Some of your favourite things to play with are your Baby Einstein activity centre, your Jolly Jumper and small cardboard boxes, like the ones cereal bars or macaroni and cheese come in. You’re also a big fan of paper bags and crinkly baby wipe containers.

    You’ve been helping me do a lot of cooking/canning stuff, mostly by taking naps when I need you to! We went blackberry picking, made a couple different kinds of jam, including plum jam from a tree near Oma’s house, apricots, and even salad dressing. I was wearing you while I made zucchini muffins with zucchini from our garden. I explained all the steps (“We’re going to put extra cinnamon in it as a special treat for Dad!”), and you were so quiet and attentive until I was ready to put the muffins into the oven. Your Dad came in and told me you were asleep! I couldn’t see see you, so I had no idea. Hopefully you were paying attention because it’s your turn next time! :)


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