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    2013 - 07.19

    (This is a post that was written in mid-March but never published for some reason. We’ve since had her 4 month shots, which she did even better at, and hopefully her 6 month shots have been scheduled. I should add that after having her days and nights completely reversed for her first 2 months, Nadia slept through the night for the first time that week, and slept well until her 4 month shots when the poor girl got her first two teeth, vaccinations and a growth spurt within about three days of each other and blew her self imposed sleep schedule all to heck.)

    David and I took Nadia for her 2 month shots this week. She did a pretty good job, although the expected, sheer outrage did occur. She got three needles, two in one leg and one in the other, plus a syringe orally. She wasn’t as upset as I thought she might be, and nursed after. We went over to visit my mom (her Oma) after, and Nadia was pretty calm for most of the time. After that, we went to Dave’s sister’s condo where we had lunch and Nadia got Grandma and Grandpa time. Nadia started getting a bit fussy later in the afternoon, partly because she had missed other usual naps during the day, and the bits of sleep she was getting weren’t as long or deep as she was used to.

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