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    2013 - 07.15

    Dear Nadia,

    You won’t be reading these for a few years, so you won’t notice that I’m posting this on what is actually your 6 month-eversary, but I wanted to acknowledge your fans who have been awaiting this next installment with bated breath. I’ll confess, I’ve actually had 90% of this written by pretty much a week after your 5 month-eversary but haven’t been able to pull the trigger and actually post it. I wonder how much of that is me not quite ready to acknowledge that my little baby isn’t quite so little any more.

    I should probably get used to it. I’m pretty sure that you aren’t going to be getting any smaller. :)

    You’ve been very busy this month! We’ve been working on our garden out in the front yard, and you like to lie on the grass and watch the clouds and leaves as they move over you. We’ve gone to watch Dad play Ultimate a few more times, and even gone to two disc golf tournaments. Dad was playing in one of them and he and I were in charge of another one. You were a superstar at both of them and helped me BBQ and sell hotdogs. We’ve been seeing your cousins and uncles and aunts and grandparents, and going to Galloways, and Toys R Us and Starbucks, and for walks and runs on the trail to the library, and at the track. We even visited your Aunt Jen at her work.

    Some of the biggest news happened just after you turned four months…your first tooth appeared! We had about a week of grumpiness, then a night of relief, then your SECOND tooth appeared! Now you’ve got two teeth on the bottom and you like to chew on people’s fingers. You’ve finally started rolling from your tummy back over onto your back so that you can fix yourself instead of getting mad that you’re on your face again. This also means that you can roll over and over so you can move across the floor, and we need to be extra careful when we put you on the bed or couch or change table! You’ve also learned how to play peek-a-boo. We will put the blanket over your eyes and you’ll pull it down and smile at us, but if you feel like it, you’ll also hide under the blanket yourself when we ask you if you want to hide your face, then look out at us when we ask “Where’s Nadia??”

    You’re starting to get verrrrry interested in what other people are eating. Some people think that’s a sign that you’re ready for solid food, but you’re also becoming very interested in what people are holding, and you’ll try to eat that too. You’ve become especially enamoured with my iPhone and will swipe at the screen, especially when I’m playing Candy Crush. We play a lot of music through my phone for you as well, and you’ll watch as it moves around, even when there’s nothing on the screen.

    You still like baths, your Douglas duck and your hug bug, as well as your bear mobile, but you’re also very interested in other stuffies, like your Tigger and fox (from a box). We also bought you a noisy toy (oh my!), a garden of flowers that light up and chime when you touch them. You like that one a lot, although usually you just watch when we set the flowers off.

    Hopefully I’ll get your 6 month letter up in a bit more timely manner, but hey! At least I can’t be any later with these unless I want to owe you two!



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