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    2013 - 04.15

    Dear Nadia,
    Today is your 3 montheversary and we’re visiting Edmonton so you can meet some of your Oma’s family. Unfortunately I haven’t written a full letter to you for today because I don’t have a computer and my phone isn’t behaving itself properly. Also, it seems that your 3 month growth spurt is happening right on schedule, so the only time you weren’t nursing (nearly 4 hours today already!) or being a Screamy McScreamerson was when we were visiting family and friends…which means nobody except Oma and I believe that you could be such a grumpy pants.

    Currently you’re asleep in the playpen, but I desperately need to join you (in sleep, not the playpen. I’m pretty sure I exceed its weight rating.) so I’m afraid your proper letter will be a bit late.

    Love you lots, even when you’re fussy,

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