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    2013 - 04.15

    Thursday April 11: Day 2

    Nadia and I slept in a bit, then visited with Oma and Mom upstairs. My Auntie B and cousins I and Z came over and we all visited for a while. I had seen all of them at thanksgiving when David and I went out to visit in October, and we all get along really well, so that was exciting. I and Z follow me on Twitter now, and we’ve been Facebook friends since October. Good thing they already don’t think of me as a good influence, haha. They played with Nadia and she gave them lots of smiles. :)

    Mom, Oma and I had KFC for dinner, and after dinner I got to see M, one of David and my close friends who had moved to Edmonton a few years back. She and her boyfriend D came over and we hung out for a while catching up on all things near and far.

    Nadia was asleep by 10 ish although she woke up for a couple feeds through the night. Surprising nobody, I didn’t sleep well that night, so it was almost as if she slept through the night, since I was awake anyway. Boo, yet again. :p

    Friday April 12: Day 3

    Super busy day. During the morning and afternoon, we mostly visited with Oma, although we also went grocery shopping I think. Mom and I show Nadia off shamelessly, as we almost always take the long route through the hallways so that Nadia can be admired and cooed over by as many residents as we can find. It’s a good thing she doesn’t understand all the compliments she’s getting or else she would be extremely conceited. :) She absolutely loves people and always gives out lots of smiles to everyone.

    Auntie B, and cousins I and Z came over again, as did my Uncle P and Auntie A, and my Uncle R and Auntie L plus cousin G. It was the first time in MANY years that all my Mom’s siblings were together, plus a ton of cousins, from four different cities (I’m counting Mom and I as from Vancouver, even though that’s not totally accurate). All twelve of us were in Oma’s apartment chatting until we all went out for dinner at Ric’s Grill. By the name, it sounds like it should be a greasy spoon or a burger joint but it’s a very VERY nice restaurant.  We were joined by my cousin Z and her husband and 2 year old daughter.

    Nadia is a very calm and happy baby. Even when she cries, it’s usually fairly quiet and brief, and ALWAYS has a reason, which is usually quickly remedied, which makes the next bit extremely bizarre. At two points in the evening at the restaurant, Nadia went from a full sleep to a terrified shriek for absolutely no reason that I could tell, which then dissolved into hysterical sobbing. :( My best guess is that she was hungry, hot, had a gas pain, had a nightmare or some combination of those. Both times, I scooted out of the restaurant as quickly as I could, hoping that I could walk her out of her discomfort by getting her into fresh air. I mouthed apologies as I walked between tables to get to the door…I was pretty sure some of the people there had gotten babysitters in order to get away from crying children and I felt badly that they were being interrupted.

    There was a lovely man at one of the tables near us who came up to me at the hostess station and told me there was no need to apologize for Nadia because that’s just what babies do. He said she was “cute as a button” and had done very well for a long while. I was so happy to hear that…I really needed it, and I almost cried. So, thank you, lovely Edmonton man. :)

    All 15 of us went back to Oma’s again for dessert and socializing, (after a quick return to the restaurant to collect my purse which I’d forgotten in the attempts to calm Nadia) then Oma, Mom and I collapsed when everyone left. Luckily Nadia was tired too, crashing around midnight and sleeping until 0930 with a quick breakfast around 0600.

    Of course, I didn’t sleep that night…except I did!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!


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    1. David says:

      Talk about alphabet soup… and to think in all of that “Z” is the duplicate, huh! Glad you finally got some sleep, sorry that I missed the family reunion but glad that Nadia could be the instigator… although I do hope that’s not the first step in a long history of instigation…

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