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    2013 - 04.14

    so this might be kind of boring to anyone who isn’t me, or David, or family members. :)


    Day 0: Tuesday, April 9

    David and I spent the day together while Nadia was at Grandma and Grandpa’s (David’s parents) so I could pack and do any last minute supply runs if needed without being distracted by the cuteness of the infant and they could get a baby fix before we left. :) We all had dinner over there as well, then David drove Nadia, me and our epic pile of luggage to my parents’ house so she and I could spend the night, thus eliminating a twenty minute morning drive before our flight.


    Nadia had been reverting back to her previous 4 am bedtimes for the week prior, so I had no idea how she would do with A) an early bedtime and B) a strange crib (although with the same kind of mattress). I was super impressed though! She was asleep by around 1215 and stayed completely out until we woke her up around 730. I didn’t sleep very well… Had some problems getting asleep and then staying asleep. Boo.


    Day 1: Wednesday, April 10

    The adults were up around 700 to start getting ready. I woke Nadia up around 0730 so she could be changed and fed before we went to the airport. She wasn’t super pleased by that plan, as normally we feed and change her, then cuddle while she sleeps another couple hours. Being stuffed into her car seat instead was a Grievous Outrage and she let us know with some fussing. Once we were in the car and moving, she was fine. I rode in the back with her so I got to watch her watching the scenery go by. She was fascinated by the cars and actually stayed awake for twenty minutes of the ride to the airport. I’d always just assumed she fell asleep pretty much instantly when the car started moving.


    The actual flight was really easy once we got all of our luggage (including a stroller and carseat) checked in. We just hung around the waiting areas, watching as school tour groups came around. We had a massive amount of carry on luggage too: two carry ons, a diaper bag, my purse and Nadia, which made going through security a bit of a juggling act.


    Just in case Nadia was a fussy-pants, Mom had bought 20 individually sealed packs of ear plugs for our fellow passengers, with a smiley face sticker on each of them. :) Luckily, they weren’t at all necessary. Nadia was happy for pretty much the whole flight, looking out the window and sleeping in my arms. The only time she cried a bit was on the descent. I had to hold her up and looking over my shoulder for safety reasons, which isn’t her favourite position, she’d spat out her soother, so her ears were probably bothering her and it was super warm in the cabin. A trifecta of unhappiness. :(


    We picked up our rental car and came to my Oma’s residence. A few years ago, she decided that she wanted to move into a slightly more assisted living home and she and her children picked it out together. I’ve been here three times now and have been incredibly impressed each time. It’s a gorgeous facility with loads of social space and feels very welcoming. It really feels like an upscale condo development rather than an old folks home. Even better, Oma has friends from years ago who live here too.


    Mom is staying with Oma in the den of her apartment while Nadia and I stay in one of the two guest suites. Again, it’s a beautiful room with a few kitchen appliances (toaster, fridge/freezer, microwave, kettle, coffee maker). Nadia is sleeping in a play yard we borrowed from my Auntie Barb and I’ve got a queen sized bed with about a dozen decorative pillows that have all landed on the floor and remained there for the last few days.


    We stopped in at the suite before going to see Oma so that I could change and feed Nadia, and also put her into a new outfit. The sleeper she was in for the flight had a tiny hole in the toe in Vancouver, but it was nearly big enough for her entire foot to escape by the time we landed in Edmonton. :/


    Oma and some of the ladies on her floor like to visit outside the elevators before lunch, and we managed to time it perfectly so that she was there when the doors opened. I got Mom to take a video of Nadia’s first meeting with her Urli (ur-grosmutter aka great grandmother) and it’s really beautiful. :)  I’ve been taking tons of video (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!) so hopefully we won’t run out of space before we come back.


    Except for a quick trip to the grocery store, the four of us visited for the whole afternoon and Mom cooked dinner (basa with orange? I can’t remember now…). Nadia was incredibly charming (of course) and I really enjoyed being with my Oma again. She’s got such great stories and I love chatting with her.


    That night Nadia was asleep by midnight and slept through until 0700, had breakfast and slept again until around 1030. I didn’t sleep well (again! Boo!)


    I’ll try to write another two days tomorrow so I’m caught up by the time I get home, haha.


    Love to everyone in BC.


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    1. Wendy says:

      Have been enjoying looking at the photos too. Glad you got some nice ones of the four generations.

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