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    2013 - 03.15

    Dear Nadia,

    Happy 2 month-iversary! You’ve gotten a lot bigger since you were born and you’re starting to move out of the baby blob stage and becoming more interactive. This month, you’ve been smiling like crazy, cooing and gurgling and maybe even laughing a bit. You love snuggling with both Dad and me, but you’re becoming more independent as well. You love lying in your bassinet and staring at the bear mobile, even when it ran out of batteries for a few days. You will also go to sleep on your own in your crib or in the bassinet.

    One of your favourite things to do is to watch DVDs. I don’t mean on the TV though…we have a bookcase full of DVDs and you will stare at the colourful covers of them for hours. I’m pretty sure your favourite is the six seasons of Lost that we bought but haven’t watched yet.

    You hated tummy time at the beginning of this month, and sometimes you still aren’t too fond of it, but other times you love it. At first, you would only lie on your tummy on the floor for 30 seconds to a minute, but in the last little while, you will be happy for up to seven minutes! You love being on your back on the floor, and will hang out for a long time, especially if you get to be warmed up by the heater. You like to stare at the monkey that our friend Jeff brought you, and you’re starting to figure out how to chew on Sophie the Giraffe, a gift from my cousin Kristy and your cousin KJ.

    We’ve started almost totally cloth diapering you now and will only put you in disposables when we go out and it would be easier than cloth. I love seeing you with your colourful diaper covers, especially the printed ones. You’ve got one with ladybugs, one with rockets and two with frogs!

    I can’t believe how much we lucked out with you. You’re such an easy going kid who goes with the flow almost all the time. You’re happy to nurse, eat from a bottle, use a soother or suck on your fists and you’ll go back and forth between all of those. I haven’t had to change anything that I eat because you don’t seem to be sensitive to any of it. You’ll sleep if it’s loud or quiet, whether you’re on the couch, in your crib, on the floor, in our bed or in the bassinet. I’m pretty sure you even dozed off in the change table a few times! You love car rides (unless you’re hungry or wet, and then you will definitely let us know!) and being in your stroller, although you hate being in the car seat and not moving. You don’t seem to mind whether we put you in cloth or disposable diapers, and have only had a tiny bit of diaper rash that cleared up right away. You still aren’t a huge fan of baths, and when you want out, you want out NOW!

    You and I started watching Doctor Who (2006) and I had to stop watching one of the episodes until you went down for a nap because every time you heard the Dalek’s voice, you would start to cry. I wonder if I’d better avoid watching some of the older Doctor Who…I think there’s a pretty large Dalek storyline. :) I guess you’re not quite old enough to go behind the sofa yet. :)

    This month, you got sick for the first time. I’m sorry…I gave it to you, and I’m not sure where I got it because I’ve never washed my hands as often as I ever have in my entire life since you were born. We’re really lucky that Dad didn’t get it too because he took extra care of us for a week while we recuperated. It was just a minor cold, but we slept a lot. I got it a lot worse than you. I had a sore throat, cough, sneezing and a stuffy nose. As far as we could tell, you just had a stuffy nose and a bit of a cough when you couldn’t figure out how to breathe through your nose. We spritzed saline water up your nose a couple times a day and used a suction tube, and after a few times of that, you didn’t even cry, although you were not at all happy when we used the suction tubeto try and clear your nose out.

    Things you’ve learned this month:

    • how to find your fist.
    • that toys are cool.
    • that stuffed up noses suck, but sea water and a suction tube help. (pun intended)
    • that you can expand to fill any bed, no matter how much room there should be for Mum and Dad.
    • the best time to party is still between midnight and 5 am. (We really need to get your days and nights straightened out!)
    • how to charm the pants off random store employees, shoppers and coffee shop customers.
    • yoga is pretty fun, especially watching all the moms doing the movements.
    • lifting your head a bit during tummy time on the floor, and a lot if you’re on our chests.
    • shopping malls are a lot of fun, especially when Grandma and Great-Grandma are there.
    • you can get our attention by cooing and gurgling, not just yelling at us.
    • if you want to get out of the bassinet or crib and it looks like we might turn the mobile on for another couple minutes of sleep, give a big grin and we can’t resist you.


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