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    I’m a big girl now…

    2013 - 02.27

    So Nadia is starting to outgrow outfits, not that many of them yet, but it has started.  So if you gave us some clothing and would like to have a picture of Nadia wearing it, now would be a good time to let us know, so that we can try to make sure that we get one while it still fits…

    Visitors Welcome

    2013 - 02.07

    We’ve been home for about 3 weeks now, and things are starting to return to normal, or the new normal.  The house is definitely still in a state of “moving in”, but sufficiently accommodating and polished for visitors to be reasonably comfortable.

    So if you’d like to come over and visit us, or meet Nadia, just let us know!

    Our schedule is reasonably open, but also reasonably fluid.  Just about all the time sometime is sleeping, so email is somewhat preferred over phone calls as a means of communication as it’s least likely to wake someone up.  At the same time it seems as though someone is awake just about all the time as well, as we’re tag teaming on the parenting duties so far.

    Baby Signs

    2013 - 02.06

    Just wondering if there’s anyone we know who has some experience with Baby Signs or Baby Signing.  It seems as though there’s a few different options out there, and perhaps a few schools of thought.

    The original book that started it all seems to indicate that you should see what signs your baby is already making when they are trying to communicate and to largely adopt those as the language you use (this is a gross simplification).  We probably all at times growing up either had secret languages, or fantasized about having them.  That said, secret languages are most useful not in communicating but in keeping secrets, and that’s counter to our goal here.

    Other advocates seem to use primarily ASL (American Sign Language which is the official sign language for English speaking Canada), which makes sense to me since it would be a larger life skill for both the baby and us, if we started to become fluent in it we could actually use it for something else, whereas the secret language wouldn’t provide this benefit.

    One thing that I found especially odd is that as far as I can tell none of the programs are endorsed or provided by Deaf organizations.  It seems at least on the face of it that would be a natural fit, good outreach and a valuable revenue stream.  Also the fact that those organizations don’t seem to be involved at all triggers some cynicism for me at least.  Regardless, at this point we’re still planning on going forward with it.

    So I guess the questions that we’d like answers to are:

    • have you tried signing with your baby, and would you recommend it?
    • what resources if any did you use?
    • did you use ASL based languages or something else?
    • did you take a course, and would you recommend it?
    • did you teach everyone in the family the various signs? how about baby sitters?


    Hawaii Five-0: Seriously?!?!?!??!

    2013 - 02.05

    I don’t know why I still watch this show, I guess I just secretly hope that it gets better… or maybe it’s that Hawaii is a pretty place and it’s nice to see in HD, or it could be about the Shrimp Truck owner and all his crazy schemes.

    So you have an episode and you’re going to cast someone as a sniper, but who has prosthetic mechanical hands capable of crushing people’s throats.  So who do you cast in that role?  Peter Weller of course… you know Robocop… seriously?

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