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    2013 - 01.02

    Dave happened to notice that there was a Sons of Anarchy (SoA) marathon on FX Canada, a channel I didn’t even know that we got. I’d heard some good things about it, so we decided to record it and just see what it was all about.

    So far, I’ve really been enjoying it. There’s a lot of different plot threads weaving their way through the show, with great characters who seem very lifelike, with realistic weaknesses and blindnesses. I also like that there are quite a few references to things that happened before the show started, giving it a depth that doesn’t often appear in shows. We’ve watched most of season 1 in the last couple days, and season 5 started airing in September. Season 6 has been in production, and there’s talk of a seventh which may be the planned end of the series.

    Today I did have to hunt down a SoA/Motorcycle Club dictionary to make sure I actually understood some of the references. :) I really like watching the dichotomy of the affection and (tough) love shown within SoA “family” and the blood families that are involved, versus the ruthlessness that is dealt out to people who are perceived as being outside of the family. I haven’t seen all of the Sopranos, but it seems to me that it was very similar to a lot of the dynamics in that fictional criminal organization.

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