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    Baby Pictures

    2013 - 01.25

    It probably surprises no one that we already have hundreds of pictures of Nadia.  You might have noticed their conspicuous absence on places like Facebook.  For now at least we’re keeping them off those types of sites, partly for her and our privacy but also because of their policies relating to the photos that you upload which we’re not entirely comfortable with.

    So what that means is that we’re currently only uploading them to Flickr, and that we’re restricting the viewing of those photos to our friends and family.  So what does this mean for you, if you want to see some of the photos (and videos)?

    1. You need to create a free Flickr account (you can use a Yahoo account, a Google Account, or a Facebook account if you prefer)
    2. Add both Karin and I as contacts: dcowley and Random Synapses (by screen name, or you can do it by email address)
    3. We then need to classify you as being “Friends” or “Family” and then you’ll have access to the assorted galleries featuring Nadia

    We realize that this is a bit of an inconvenience, but we figure that those of you who really want to see the pictures won’t mind jumping through the small hoop, so that we can maintain Nadia’s online privacy and security.

    Birthday Clusters

    2013 - 01.08

    Dave’s family has two pretty significant birthday clusters: late September to early October (which I happen to fall into) and late December to early January (which Dave already is in and The Passenger will be in). There’s also a smaller one in May that’s starting to build with all of the in-laws.

    The thing that I find funny is that with all of the birthdays in December/January, The Passenger has managed to avoid landing on any of them, as s/he is still hanging out comfortably in Chez Karin. The due date I originally calculated was January 7 (Dave’s mom’s birthday), which changed to the 10th (nobody as far as I know) to the 3rd (Dave’s birthday, and one day off from both of our grandmothers) then back to the 10th after the midwives looked at a bunch of factors including two early ultrasounds. If I’m right, and I believe I am, Dave’s mom has the latest birthday in the cluster, so by making it past there, we’ve streeeeeeetched out the birthday cluster by at least two more days. :)

    Would you hitchhike?

    2013 - 01.07

    I don’t recall exactly how or when this came up, probably because of us both being sick, but recently we were talking about whether or not hitchhiking could be an effective way to alleviate traffic congestion.  We both grew up in an era where hitchhiking was illegal and generally considered dangerous.  I wondered if the associated fears and illegality of hitchhiking lead to increased car ownership.  Not a topic that either of us really knows anything about, but it was a briefly entertaining thought experiment.

    Imagine my surprise when today I found an article: “Spontaneous carpooling: Calgary’s new city planning chief suggests hitchhiking as a ‘grassroots solution’ to city’s gridlock“.

    Turns out the practice of slugging has been around since the 70s as a real method of public transportation… and here I thought we were just talking about some sort of crazy thought experiment…

    One thing we have learned…

    2013 - 01.06

    After the move one of the things that we noticed was how much better our TV looked, and it’s definitely something we’ve appreciated while we’ve been sick.  There hasn’t been a lot of anything other than watching TV over the last week.

    Back in the old place we had lots of windows and relatively normal blinds which do a crappy job of keeping the light out.  Coupled with having the TV on the fireplace mantel, giving a less optimal viewing angle and I don’t think we fully appreciated how good our TV looked until now.  Proper viewing height and a blackout shade make a huge difference to the viewing experience.

    I think we always knew that we weren’t getting the most out of our viewing experience, but didn’t fully appreciate how much of a difference it can make.  So if your HDTV is somewhere with a less than optimal viewing angle, or where there’s too much uncontrolled light, try it somewhere else and see what a difference it can make.

    Birthday Freebies

    2013 - 01.05

    Still dealing with the colds, although we seem to be improving if slower than we’d like.  This year, I got a few birthday freebies from the various lists that I’m subscribed to.  These are the ones that I remember:

    • Boston Pizza: free pasta or desert coupon (good for about 2 weeks)
    • Vera’s: $10 coupon valid on your birthday only
    • Paris Jewelers: $10 coupon

    So nothing too crazy, but it’s nice to get something for free, especially when you’re confronting your own mortality ;-)  Anyway, join their various email lists to get your own offers on your birthday.

    One Cold, Two Cold

    2013 - 01.04

    Nothing much to report other than the fact that we’re both still fighting off colds.  Probably be a couple more days until we’re up to doing much of anything, but hopefully not longer than that.

    Happy Birthday!

    2013 - 01.03

    Dave’s birthday is today! :) Unfortunately, we’re both sick with colds (his was worse than mine yesterday, mine is getting worse today. Boo.) so we’ve mostly been just hanging out today, although we both needed to go out at different times.

    And since it’s after 7 pm, I think it’s safe to say that Dave won’t be getting a son or daughter delivered to him on his birthday. :)

    Happy birthday, love!

    Sons of Anarchy

    2013 - 01.02

    Dave happened to notice that there was a Sons of Anarchy (SoA) marathon on FX Canada, a channel I didn’t even know that we got. I’d heard some good things about it, so we decided to record it and just see what it was all about.

    So far, I’ve really been enjoying it. There’s a lot of different plot threads weaving their way through the show, with great characters who seem very lifelike, with realistic weaknesses and blindnesses. I also like that there are quite a few references to things that happened before the show started, giving it a depth that doesn’t often appear in shows. We’ve watched most of season 1 in the last couple days, and season 5 started airing in September. Season 6 has been in production, and there’s talk of a seventh which may be the planned end of the series.

    Today I did have to hunt down a SoA/Motorcycle Club dictionary to make sure I actually understood some of the references. :) I really like watching the dichotomy of the affection and (tough) love shown within SoA “family” and the blood families that are involved, versus the ruthlessness that is dealt out to people who are perceived as being outside of the family. I haven’t seen all of the Sopranos, but it seems to me that it was very similar to a lot of the dynamics in that fictional criminal organization.

    Garbage Day Tomorrow

    2013 - 01.01

    Definitely one of the things that we’re going to have to adapt to in the short term after our move is living in a house and not in a multi-family dwelling.  In practical terms that means that we need to take the garbage and recycling out on a particular day instead of whenever we want to the garbage/recycling room.  It also means that we get to do food scraps which is something which hadn’t made it to the multi-family dwellings yet.

    Realistically this is going to be one of the biggest things that we’ll actually need to adapt to.  There’s all sorts of other changes, but the vast majority of them don’t have a schedule that needs to be followed, and so are more forgiving.

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