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    2012 - 12.07

    Some people are already aware of this, in truth just about everyone who might stumble across this already knows that we’ve moved, but on the off-chance that you missed it: we moved.

    We don’t normally talk a lot about where we live, for obvious Internet reasons, but we’re still in Burnaby, and are now in a 3-bedroom upper level of a house w/ two car garage.  It’s a significant upgrade in a lot of ways from our 2-bedroom condo.  The most obvious one beyond the extra bedroom is the extra 520 square feet of space (which makes it 59% larger); additionally it’s cheaper.  We did take a step back in the age department with this place being about 20 years older than where we were, but so far the extra size is making up for it completely.

    We’re still unpacking and probably will be for a while yet, the current task is putting drawer and cabinet liners in the assorted places in the kitchen, before loading up all the cupboards.  You’ll probably see some more housing related updates in the coming weeks, but no promises.


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