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    2012 - 11.13

    So we’re moving at the end of the month from a 2 bedroom condo, 880 sqft, on the 16th floor to a 1,400 sqft upper level suite.  So we have elevators at one end and stairs at the other.  We have too much stuff (and we’re working on that), but if anyone has recommendations or experiences that they can share (positive or negative) it would be appreciated.  Specifically about:

    • movers, to use or not to use
    • rental trucks, good or bad
    • frog boxes or other moving boxes/supplies
    • cleaners and/or rug shampooers
    • anything else that you think might be important that we might not have thought of

    The total distance for the move is about 5km, but it might be the case that we have to be out on Nov 30th and can’t be in until Dec 1st.

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    One Response to “Moving: recommendations wanted”

    1. Jen says:

      I used http://www.homesteadmoving.com/ and they were awesome. Not cheap but fantastic. They were on time, really speedy with the un/loading and took good care of all my stuff. They even assembled my new bedframe for me though they weren’t supposed to:-) Of course at this point you might run into availability issues…. end of the month is always a problem as all the renters shift at once.

      The cleaners I used were Coastline Cleaning… they did mostly business clearning but real estate stuff too, though it looks like the company has changed hands so they may not do move in/out stuff anymore, but they too were great so maybe worth a check. They ran a HEPA filter to “un-cat” the place and did my blinds too.

      I got boxes from movingblocks.com… they were cheaper than frogbox at that point (maybe still) and had great service too. The disadvantage of any of the plastic ones is that as the boxes are full-sized, you need to have somewhere to put the stack of them when they arrive. On the other hand, because they take up space, they nudge you to pack more… though once they’re filled and don’t nest anymore they take up even more space, but at that point, so would regular boxes. The movers really liked them as they fit on a dolly and are really easy to wheel a stack at a time (at least in the elevator… stairs are trickier). Of course, that’s just easier for anyone really. I found that because they had to be picked up after a couple of weeks, it really got me to unpack everything. I still have some boxes, but they’re cardboard and ultimately don’t contain much that I care about anyway. There are more options for those things out there now, but overall it was great. Save the cardboard for books and things that have to be packed in small lots and load the plastic with everything else.

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