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    Amusing Costco item of the week

    2012 - 11.14

    It definitely used to be the case that Costco only sold huge quantities of things, but that really hasn’t been true for a lot of years now.  Sometimes you still need to buy more than you really want, but usually it’s not by an order of magnitude any more.

    That’s what made this item amusing: Laurentide -40ºC Windshield Washer Fluid.  Okay, not that amusing yet.  It comes in 3.78L jugs, and you need to buy 208 of them!  So that’s 786.24 L in total, because who doesn’t leave there windshield wipers on continuously?

    On the bright side it’s currently on sale for only $395.99 (which is $104 off the regular price of $499.99).

    Laurentide -40ºC Windshield Washer Fluid 208 x 3.78-litre Jugs

    Laurentide -40ºC Windshield Washer Fluid 208 x 3.78-litre Jugs

    Moving: recommendations wanted

    2012 - 11.13

    So we’re moving at the end of the month from a 2 bedroom condo, 880 sqft, on the 16th floor to a 1,400 sqft upper level suite.  So we have elevators at one end and stairs at the other.  We have too much stuff (and we’re working on that), but if anyone has recommendations or experiences that they can share (positive or negative) it would be appreciated.  Specifically about:

    • movers, to use or not to use
    • rental trucks, good or bad
    • frog boxes or other moving boxes/supplies
    • cleaners and/or rug shampooers
    • anything else that you think might be important that we might not have thought of

    The total distance for the move is about 5km, but it might be the case that we have to be out on Nov 30th and can’t be in until Dec 1st.

    Doing My Part

    2012 - 11.12

    In prep for moving, we’re decluttering. I’m doing my part by going through the myriad of bath products we have on hand and using them up. Yeah, pretty much daily baths…talk about taking one for the team. ;)

    In other moving news, we’ve looked at 12 places, short-listed six and have two more to look at today, then will make our decision this afternoon. We’ve got one strong front runner, but there were a LOT of people interested so fingers crossed…


    2012 - 11.06

    We’re planning to move on December 1st. We’ve both been very comfortable and happy where we live now (a two bedroom condo) but with The Passenger on the way, we want to try and find something larger and cheaper (we’ve heard a rumour that babies sometimes need “stuff”). It’s tricky because between the two of us, we’ve only moved three times…and I don’t really count the time my parents moved me when I was eight months old.

    Staying in one place for a really long time (27 and 29 years for Dave and my first houses, then five years here) means that a lot of stuff gets accumulated. It doesn’t help that we both have hobbies that require a lot of stuff to do them. We’re also both bookworms and have many, MANY books, not to mention DVDs, kitchen things, clothes, video games and computer equipment.

    Our somewhat excessive Costco habit doesn’t help. :/

    It’s time to start purging, even though we’re planning to have a larger place. With luck, we’ll get rid of half of our belongings (eek…) and have a much easier move and a fresh start in our new place.


    2012 - 11.03

    We’ve officially given our notice and are actively looking for a new place to live for December 1st. Yikes. Anyone want to come over and help us move? Or pack? Or both?

    I’m going to be eight months (36 weeks) pregnant on moving day…at least I’ll have an excuse to not carry boxes around!

    (and hopefully The Passenger decides to arrive AFTER we’ve gotten settled, and at least partly unpacked!)

    Baby Registry

    2012 - 11.02

    So we’re in the process of trying to come up with a baby registry.  So far it has been way more difficult than I thought it would be.  There’s so many options out there, and so many things that they at least want to sell you.  So far we’ve looked extensively at Sears and Baby ‘R’ Us.  Does anyone have any other recommendations, or good or bad experiences with baby registries?

    • Were there any items that you received that you thought were useless but turned out to be indispensable?
    • Were there any items that you asked for that you never used, or regret getting?

    The other challenge that we have with this whole process is that Karin and I are not historically minimalists, but it is where we’re trying to go.  Given that we feel that it’s mostly a learned behaviour, we want to be there from the beginning with The Passenger so that they don’t learn bad habits.  That also makes it difficult to fill out a gift registry.

    That said we think we’ve actually finally managed to get it down to things we probably actually will use when raising The Passenger™.  I won’t claim that we’ve managed to pare it down to only things that we actually need but I do think we’ll use this stuff, and that we haven’t gone too crazy.

    We’ve got two registries at this point, and they do overlap a little (but not completely), so if you do decide to get something from the registry please do get a gift receipt (just in case).

    If you are reading this, please don’t feel that you need to get us anything.  It would be appreciated but we don’t want anyone to feel obligated.  Cards are totally adequate should you feel the need to give us something.  Otherwise, feel free to make a contribution to an RESP (although please let us know if you intend to do this, as we’ll need to manage the lifetime contribution amount, and provide you with a valid SIN).

    The registries are (spaces are added for readability):

    If you’re at a store without the numbers you should be able to find them under “Karin Abel, Burnaby, BC” or under my name.

    Other really cool options if you want to think outside the box a little:

    • bring Karin food after The Passenger arrives (apparently there are some cultures where this is the norm)
    • babysitting ;-)
    • visiting
    • video messages

    That’s the limit of my creativity at the moment.  Somewhat related, Karin’s shower is on November 17th.  She’s a little shy about it, so if you haven’t received an invitation yet, but would like to go let me know.  People aren’t being excluded on purpose.

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